How to: New FSB sound for MUA 2016

Started by LarsAlexandersson, April 19, 2017, 02:02AM

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Thx to Savage from Zenhax, these are the known tutorials

1-You don't need to download the full fmod studio, grab this pack of tools Savage collected
5Mb's!T0Zi0aSD!L6d5SC1d4UaZ1qf9ScqaCFqHW6qnaQygmgygkuWeWCs (i tested this pack under wine and works)

In this 7z you can found this tools:
Quotedecfsb.exe => To decode encrypted FSB
fsb_aud_extr.exe =>Tool created by id-daemon toconvert the fsb to wav, is great for CELT and ogg vorbis audios
fsb5_split.exe  => Searchs for multiples FSB inside a big file (ex: Unity. resource files) and extracts them (not decode)
fsbankexcl.exe ==>The tool from FMOd to convert FSB and wav to other formats or reduce/increase bitrates 
fsbext.exe ==>Tool created by Aluigi to extract FSB's, it created list, save the structures, and two types of encryption
FsbExtractor.exe  =>Aeazy FSB extractor, Gui mode, with this tool you can see if some MP3 inside FSB have loops, like the game OCTODAD
guessfsb.exe =>Guess what :P
tw2unfsb.exe =>To convert the CELT audio from The Witcher 2

2-Now we have this tools and we want to make our own audio file FSB from a .wav pcm audio
Quotefsbankexcl.exe -q 50 -rebuild -format mp3 -o newmusic.fsb 6_HEROMISSION_012_010_DSM.wav

-q = quality
-rebuild = deletes the cache
-format = we have a lot, adpcm, wav, vorbis, celt, xma, ...
-o => output filename

I hope this helps

Right now it is currently unknown how to repack multiple sound files into 1 fsb file
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