Retexturing X-Mansion

Started by BaconWizard17, April 21, 2017, 04:02PM

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So I'm retexturing the interior of the X-Men Legends X-Mansion to be less hideous. What should I make it look like?

Kids, let me tell you something: retexturing ps2 level igbs is a complete nightmare. While it's exactly the same process as other ps2 resources, it is impossible to find the palette offset. Well, it's not impossible, but it's nightmarish. The files are so huge that it takes you forever to get to what you need, and along the way you pass through several palettes that are almost right, but just not enough. (mansion1a_2.igb goes all the way up to 1,207,099, and along the way I passed 6 near fit palettes. 6!!!. I still haven't actually found the palette offset). The adventures shall continue, just when I have a bit more patience. BTW, if anyone has any PS2 levels from any game, I'd love to have them. Pass along a link if you do.