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Started by Outsider, June 30, 2017, 07:41PM

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Let's hold off for a little while and see where this roster expansion leads.

I think it would be more practical to wait for the roster expansion to continue. There's some promising work going on over there.

Quote from: jaybird on May 11, 2018, 07:52PM
Let's hold off for a little while and see where this roster expansion leads.
Quote from: BaconWizard17 on May 11, 2018, 08:05PM
I think it would be more practical to wait for the roster expansion to continue. There's some promising work going on over there.

Personally, I agree. I am with that team on researching and attempting to increase the roster limit past 28. In fact, I have to put my mod projects on hold to conduct experimentation.

Everyone, if you have been paying attention to a... certain thread, then you know that something awesome is on the verge of successfully happening. Want a hint? Take a look at the Warrior Select Screen at the first post.

Very cool!!! I'm excited for More Kombatants in MUA!!!

So, now that I'm back to character creation, I hope everyone is excited for the next Mortal Kombat character. I think this warrior will be fun to play as. Let me know if you think this kombatant was a good pick. Stay tuned...

Quote from: TheMK on May 29, 2018, 06:46PM
Excited to see who it is!

Oh... so you all don't know who it is already? I had revealed who it was a couple of nights ago. Interesting... :king: (evil laugh)

Aww, damn! I'm not paying enough attention lately :(

Edit: OHHH!!! Awesome!!! One of my favorites!!!

So everyone, my next three (maybe four) mod projects will be of Mortal Kombat warriors. Thanks to the 33 Roster Hack, the MK roster has been extended. One of my goals is to create a FULL roster of MK warriors. 12 to go...

That said, if you've looked at the Warrior Select screen at the first post lately, then you know that the next kombatant is none other than the mysterious ninja, Smoke. Which one, you ask? The human one. The robot version is just a skin that you can pick. Stay tuned...

I'm glad there's a dozen MK warriors waiting to make it in and that three or four are your next projects :)

I prefer cyborg Smoke but I'm glad he's a costume :)

I'm not sure who else you have in mind but the ones I'd be most excited for after Smoke are Jade, Kenshi, and Noob Saibot.

Also hopeful for some other post-MK3s like Cassie Cage and Erron Black but I'm not sure how likely those are.

Alright smoke hes my favorite after sub zero of course, in so excited to see if you do pull of this 33 roster....knowing how you pop mods I'm so excited.

Everyone, a new kombatant enters MUA -- Smoke has arrived. His portrait is now unlocked at the Warrior Select Screen.

I've made some changes to the first post -- the critically important boosters are now accessible by clicking on the kombatant's portrait. They each have a link to the original mod. This is because the boosters are so very important to make all MK mods uniform, that I've made it so you can't miss them.

In its place are the portraits of alternate kombatants one can play as through other mods. That may grow in time.

Also, I have added Smoke and Kintaro's MK on MUA bios --

Being a Shokan, Kintaro takes great pride in serving Shao Kahn in his war to conquer an alternate Earthrealm. However, he is of the lesser-class Tigrar race of Shokan, and wants to enhance his kind to the elite class. Kintaro heard of a country named Wakanda and plans to steal the metal there. But, their king will have something to say about that.

The mysterious ninja known as Smoke followed the warriors of light into an alternate Earthrealm from a distance. He seeks to aid Sub-Zero in ending the threat created by Shao Kahn. However, Smoke began to hear voices in his head. He learned that the voices came from a flirtacious mutant telepath that wears scantily-clad white. The mutant said that Smoke is more powerful than he thinks he is. With this knowledge to wonder about, Smoke enters into battle.

Finally, a new poll is up. I've recently wondered about the Stage Fatality uppercut and maybe some Fatality moves have blood-like effects. Should I add that? It would probably look cool and true-to-MK. However, a lot of MUA's enemies are robotic and it therefore wouldn't make sense. Sound off your opinion.

I would vote, but I'm honestly not sure what to pick. Honestly, I love blood with anything MK related, but I always figured the red health orbs are an okay substitute.

Looking forward to the next mods :)

Everyone, Sindel has been updated. She now has new skins made by Andersonbrazil. However, I have hex-edited them to properly work in the game. Download her now.

Before I announce who the next kombatant will be, I first have to make a huge update for Shang Tsung. Here's hoping I can successfully pull it off without complicating his mod.

Also, I think I'm going to cancel the recent poll -- it doesn't make sense to put blood in there. There's just far too many robotic enemies. If this game were more like MK Shaolin Monks, it would be a different story... Thanks for voting, though.