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Started by Outsider, June 30, 2017, 07:41PM

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Quote from: TheMK on January 05, 2020, 12:15PM
Hey Outsider, I'm sorry for bumping this thread when I was the last one to post, but, do you have an ETA on Cassie Cage and the other MK mods?

I've been holding off on using the 50 character herostat because I've been waiting for Cassie at the very least. I'm really excited to play as her!

If you're not sure when, or it won't be for a while, I'd understand. I'd just appreciate some news if you can help it :)

That's alright. So, to rekap, there will be three kombatants coming -- Cassie Cage being one of them. I am about to release the Character Mod Tournament winning mod. I still have a couple of projects in front of Cassie, and I'm in the process of moving, so I can't really give an estimate on when I'll start working on her unfortunately. But I can tell you that she will not be cancelled -- her project is reserved and secured.

BTW, even though the game can now have 50 characters, I will not be attempting to create 50 Mortal Kombat warriors. That is simply too much for me to attempt. If others want to create more, or separate the alternate fighters from the originals, be my guest.

I appreciate the news and your patience, Outsider :)

I may be itching to play as Cassie Cage, but I just know she'll be worth the wait!

As for a 50 character slot MUA Kombat, I completely understand. 36 is plenty -- I suppose if someone really -did- want to have a 50 character version, they could use the guest characters from MK vs DC to MK11, many of whom have their own mods, or at least skins.

So, just to let everyone know, the three remaining mods for Mortal Kombat are still on my plans. But I'm in the process of moving to my new apartment. Sometime in March, I will start on them. Because I know how I am with MK mods -- once I start, I'm going to want to FINISH THEM!

The other reason for the delay is because (with help from UltraMegaMagnus, and taking MelloMods' suggestion), I want to create an MUA experience solely for MK mods (sorry, no guest characters), and it will only work with the 36 Roster Hack, since there will be 36 of them. I won't spoil it for you guys, but it'll be worth the wait.

And to reward you for your patience, I will reveal who the remaining three will be: Cassie Cage, Jacqui Briggs, and Frost (as the avatar for Kronika since she is not possible). I promise, as soon as I am settled into my new place, I'll get to them. Stay tuned.

Oh, yes!!! Thank you so much for this, Outsider!!! This is great!!!

I'll be very excited to see how Cassie and Jacqui turn out :D

Quote from: JubilationLee on March 31, 2020, 11:14AM
I'll be very excited to see how Cassie and Jacqui turn out :D

Thanks for that. These ladies will be represented very well. After my current project, Cassie will be first.

In case anyone isn't aware, the direct to video, R-rated, animated movie Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge has just been released for sale digitally :)

I just finished watching it and it is AMAZING!!! A fun and interesting retelling of MK1 with a special focus on Scorpion as the title suggests. It is EXTREMELY violent and bloody, about as much as MKX (which I personally believe is more violent than MK11), and highly entertaining. Any Mortal Kombat fan would be doing themselves a disservice to miss this!

April 25, 2020, 07:24AM #382 Last Edit: April 26, 2020, 05:07AM by Outsider
Everyone, the following kombatants have been updated:

Baraka: Added the Mortal Kombat description, as it was forgotten.
Kitana: Fixed problems with Frost's exclusive powers, added better Frost taunt. (She now says, "Revenge is a dish best served cold!")
Jade: Added better Skarlet taunt. (She now says, "I will bathe in your blood!"), Added the Mortal Kombat description, as it was forgotten.
Smoke: Fixed up his menu animations.

Now that I am working on the last three kombatants, it is important for everyone to keep your MK warriors up-to-date. As promised, Cassie Cage will be next, followed by Jacqui Briggs, and then the 3rd & final kombatant. (Big thanks to Julio Cabral!!!)

May 09, 2020, 04:53PM #383 Last Edit: June 07, 2020, 07:57AM by Julio Cabral
For people's consideration:
Scorpion Mod Update
-New skins (compatible with X-men Legends II). New Spear texture.

Sub-Zero Mod Update
-New skins (compatible with X-men Legends II). New Ice Clone model. New Idle Animation.

-New Skin. Mortal Kombat Deception.

Shao Kahn
-New Skin. Mortal Kombat II.

A new kombatant has been unlocked. Cassie Cage is now available and her portrait is now on the Warrior Select screen in the first post. Check her out now. Here is her bio...

Wanting to make her parents proud, Cassie Cage stepped through the portal to protect an alternate Earthrealm from Shao Kahn's invasion. Fascinated by this new world briefly, she took a selfie, then realized someone photobombed it... it was a young hooded superheroine hanging on a web. Instantly finding something in common, the two agreed to team up and defeat their haters.

Also, as seen on the previous post, Julio Cabral has made some visual changes to Scorpion. Click on this link to get it: And here is a preview of the skins that come with it. (Click the pic to enlarge.)

Two more MK warriors to go! Next is Jacqui Briggs, followed by the final kombatant. Stay tuned...

Awesome!!! Thank you, Outsider!!!

I've been looking forward to Cassie Cage for so long! I love her! Looking forward to the rest of your MK in MUA works just as eagerly!

A new kombatant has been unlocked. Jacqui Briggs is now available and her portrait is now on the Warrior Select screen in the first post. See about her now. Here is her bio...

Alongside her father, Jacqui stepped through the portal leading to an alternate Earthrealm. While purely focused on defending this new world from Shao Kahn's forces and impressing her future family the Shirai Ryu, she rescued a child by taking down an army of HYDRA agents easily. This impressed a time-displaced British agent who watched the events unfold. She told Jacqui that she has a bright future ahead -- as a soldier and a heroine.

Now, only one kombatant remains. I won't reveal who this one is, but it will shock you. Who could it be? Is Frost getting her own separate mod from Kitana? Will D'Vorah make her presence known in MUA? Has Kotal Kahn grown tired of sitting on the sidelines? Did someone hire Erron Black to appear against the Masters of Evil?

It's anyone's guess, as only myself and two others know who it is. Stay tuned... :king:

Awesome work on Jacqui, Outsider! Excited to see what you have next for MK in MUA! :)

A new kombatant has been unlocked. Kronika is now available and her portrait is now on the Warrior Select screen in the first post. Check her out now. (Big thanks to Julio Cabral for helping her high-poly skin to become even possible for MUA, and for showing me how to use XPS.) Here is her bio...

Witnessing Shao Kahn's invasion of an alternate Earthrealm, and Raiden's forces trying to prevent it, Kronika enters the portal unnoticed with the intent to let the war rage on. Her son Shinnok seeks to take Odin's power, while her bodyguard Geras and her daughter Cetrion gradually steal power from the gigantic "devourer of worlds." This will create the New Era she had envisioned ...a new era that won't sit well with a powerful purple-skinned fellow Titan.

And with that, the Mortal Kombat roster of 36 is done! I am so damn proud of how this roster turned out, picking the best of the best. Sure, some were just picked as alternate costumes, but better than not being available at all, right? Now I know that there is a 50 Roster Hack as well, but I will not even try to attempt more kombatants. This is it for me.

If you prefer 50 characters, you can add the mods that were guests in MK: Predator (by Julio Cabral), Alien (by Erik Lensherr), Jason Voorhees (by Aventureiromax), the Joker (by BLaw), and Spawn (by me). And someone is making Terminator, but the modder wants to be anonymous. I have my suspicions on who it is, though... Unfortunately, even if you add the guest characters, you are still 8 short of 50.

That said, I still have some stuff for the MK roster coming up next. A huge update for Shang Tsung is coming, and I have more good stuff coming. Stay tuned, and thanks everyone. I hope you enjoy the MK roster.

Very awesome work! So happy with how this turned out! :)