Evening out powers against each other: a crazy comparative sheet

Started by Hobgoblin, July 09, 2017, 01:14PM

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I'll admit, I'm somewhat insane.

For many years I have been tinkering my MUA to getting my ultimate Marvel comic book game experience out of it. This includes defining a perfect roster including the main representatives of the universe, with no NPC clashes (see http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,9077.msg186586.html#msg186586), having a balanced set of starting traits and leveling-up system that makes sense (to me) (see http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,8889.msg171006.html#msg171006)...

...but also ensuring that the various mods match their in-game experience with their powers, as compared to each other and as compared to the comic book characters they are based on.
I don't want any overpowered or underpowered character, save for some slight excesses where they make sense. I'm also making sure that all of my characters have exactly five offensive powers and two boosts. I even check the amount of skill points they need to level up powers, which should be at least 95 (you get 94 points by getting to level 100 and one skill point from getting a gold star for the character's training mission) and not too much more than that.

Today, I wanted to share a comparative spreadsheet with you that I have been using for many years, to check if powers aren't over- or underpowered:


It lists all of the characters in my roster (+ several which had been in my roster for a while), with each of their power costs and effects at maximum level.
Note: you might not necessarily recognize the entire powerset of a character, as I applied some boosts and also replaced the occasional power myself for something I liked better with the character.
(There's also a couple of additions next to Iron Man, Falcon, Tigra as I included different characters War Machine, Nighthawk, Hellcat as a skin of those, all with exclusive powers.)

There have been power damages which I dramatically decreased, some which I've increased. I decreased damages for powers like a couple of the 'charge and bash' abilities (Thing's Bullrush, Quicksilver's Mach Speed, similar but slightly different: Wolverine's Claw Frenzy) as they are ridiculously easy to use and would deal too much damage as compared to other powers. I decreased Hawkeye's max number of multi-shot arrows from 8 to 3, as each arrow deals the same amount of damage which meant that a multi-hit from all arrows at close range would be massively overpowered. Some mods had powers which were basically instant-kill powers (Wasp's Sting Ray).
On the other hand, I've also increased many power damages or made them cost less energy to use. A recent exampe is Falcon, who I gave quite a boost for several of his powers.

And there are many powers where I left the values to the original state. I didn't keep a backlog of what I exactly changed, or how.
But I am often referring to this list to see how characters match up against one another. Perhaps it could be of use to other modders as well.