Marvel Nemesis- Daredevil Netflix, SD [MOD], Gamecube

Started by Sethtember, July 24, 2017, 05:34PM

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I would love nothing more than to make these textures in HD as I have the know how for image editing, but don't know how to do this within Dolphin for this game.

Anyways, I took a few hours and edited this, it'd be great if you tested it out and let me know what you thought, or how to make these in HD. It's a good brawler with some air combos that can get wild with a few friends.

The texture itself - filename - tex1_256x256_7963c218a4ea694d_14.png

A simple tutorial online will explain how to load the textures, it's simply dragging and dropping

If anyone is interested in helping that'd be great!