Outsider's Phantom Four Books

Started by TheMK, August 05, 2017, 02:16PM

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You might have heard about the two novels Outsider has written about his own personal creations, the Phantom Four; the first book being called Children of the Grave, and the second book being called Dark Evolution. I picked them both up recently, and just finished reading them today -- they're really amazing!!!

They're chock full of imaginative, fun, dark and wildly entertaining characters and stories; I really hope he gets the chance to have them show up in multimedia (comics, shows, etc.), or perhaps maybe even as mods here on MUA. I read both books back to back in almost entirely one sitting, they were that good!!! I highly recommend anyone interested take the time to check them out, especially if you enjoy the kind of entertainment Marvel and the mods here on the forum provide.

In case you haven't seen it, this is the web site Outsider has for the Phantom Four; there are links there to purchase the books if you would like. https://www.phantom-4.com/