Is Marvel Nemesis Moddable?

Started by harrynewmarvels, August 08, 2017, 09:16PM

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For months now ive been trying to figure out how to replace models and textures and animations on a childhood love named Marvel Nemesis ever since its been on dolphin emulator for gamecube me and many been able to only edit textures by dump and load but now i can most likely replace artwork and names of the characters in the character select screen.Also maybe i can replace models putting the game a step forward in mods being installed on game using the blender software and a 3d viewer and extracting the iso disc giving me the name of one model and replacing it with the model i want on the game if this works this can most likely open up many opportunities for other games like MUA 2 or the super hero squad fighting game.I just want more people to investigate and figure out this as much as i am

tell me your dream roster for marvel nemesis and share ideas
:spidergirl:  :thing:  :wolverine:  :storm:  :daredevil:  :humant:  :magneto:  :elektra:  :stark:  :venom: 

Nope. Nobody has ever figured out much of anything with that game to be honest. I'd imagine if you're truly interested the first thing to do is put up some files at and to see if people can figure them out. If they have any success I would probably see if you can extract the PSP exclusive characters and put them on your platform of choice.

I wish I could help more, but nobody has ever even attempted it, so unfortunately you're on your own.