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Started by Jeanfan321, March 05, 2010, 04:57PM

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Does anybody have this?
The link is down and it's not working.

would love to test this myself if anyone could re up the link that'd be awesome thank you

Good afternoon, does anybody have this incredible mod?
I've been playing MUA fora long time and i would love to play with new npcs.

Quote from: Jeanfan321 on March 28, 2011, 01:51AM
Storm Booster 1.0

This Mod includes:
*New Powers
*New Effects

Lightning Strikes-Casts lightning bolts on enemies
Hypothermia Sleet-Summons sleet and snow that slow down enemies
Tropic Cyclone-Creates numerous tornadoes that lift objects and enemis about
Chain Lightning-Shoots lightning from her hands that chain from enemy to enemy
Gale Force-Knocks Back enemies with a powerful wind current
Catasrophe-Massive Outburst of wind,lightning,hail,snow, and rain that knocks back enemies
Mist Cover-Creates fog around storm that enables storm to be invisible
Conduction-Adds electricity damage to melee attacks
Thunder Struck-You know what this is

NowhereMan-Mist Cover code and used his effect as a base for the fog effect
Shadowslacks-For some coding and effects token from his Xml2 Storm Booster

Notes:In future update i'll add telekinesis to her powerset as i promised to Nuhervah.I'll also work on her Mist Cover so that allies are invisible too. Other than that she's really fun to play with and not to overpowered and not to weak either :)

The only bug i found was that when you upgrade her powers and look at Hypothermia Sleet the description is the same as tropic cyclone so i don't know what's up with that but it's nothing really minor.

Can someone re-upload this amazing booster please? the link is down.. :storm:
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