Your favorite levels from the Ultimate Alliance and X-Men Legends games

Started by BaconWizard17, September 01, 2017, 04:56AM

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What are your favorite levels in the Ultimate Alliance and X-Men Legends games? Before I get into mine, here are the criteria of sorts: by level I mean a particular area. It doesn't have to be one singular map, but don't be too broad. For example, Genosha would be too broad to say, and Queen's Lair would be too specific, but you could say Insect Tunnels.

That said, here are my favorites:

X-Men Legends: the first time through the sewers. I love how it's just challenging enough, but not too hard. The atmosphere is also really cool, and the music makes it nice and eerie. My second choice would probably be the Ice Tunnels under the HAARP facility. Another awesome atmosphere

X-Men Legends II: The Madri Temple. This is probably my favorite level from any game. The music is spectacular, I love the scenery, and it's almost fun to get lost. My second would have to be the Nuwali temple. I love the puzzles it has. If I had to pick a third, it would be Apocalypse's Pyramid.

Ultimate Alliance: Mandarin's Palace. It has great music, great scenery, and a bunch of fun mini-bosses. My second choice would be Castle Doom.

Ultimate Alliance 2: I haven't played past the first few levels, so I can't really choose one.