Show your Art (Drawings, Music, Videos, Micro Heroes, Graphic Art.. etc)

Started by Midnightphoenix, October 24, 2012, 04:46PM

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Alright, I will show you guys what the Infinity War characters are up to in my universe.

Jaybird, you're quite talented with those... Perhaps you can consider creating one of the Midnight Sons. It can consist of Ghost Rider, Blade, Morbius, Dr. Strange, and later members Hellstorm, Jennifer Kale, and the Werewolf By Night if you wish to make it soon. (Not to be confused with the Marvel Knights.) If you'd rather wait a while (put it on hold), a few more will be added to that team...

Another one you can do is of the Asgardians. So far, I believe that Thor, Heimdall, Loki, Valkyrie, Odin, Enchantress, Sif, and Kurse were created. Though there was some rumors that Thor's long-lost sister from the tenth realm was also created somewhere, as was Odinson's love interest Jane Foster... Not sure where those rumors came from though.

Yet another one you can do is of the Spider-Verse or Web Warriors I think they call them. You can have Spider-Man, Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon), Agent Venom, Spider-Gwen, Silk, Scarlet Spider, Arachne, and Spider-Woman. In addition, Maegawa has made plans to create Miles Morales. Some to think about.

Well, I have been working on the Midnight Sons (what a coincidence)but I guess they can be put on hold if a few more members are joining the alliance.Also, I've been think of going from 8 characters to 10. What do you guys think?

Titans and Avengers look amazing jaybird! Well done :)

Quote from: Owl City on April 30, 2018, 04:45AM
Psylocke looks just great!
Thank you :D

So I've been obsessively thinking of Infinity War since I've seen it and decided I'd do some quick sketches of a bunch of characters, nothing too detailed, I wanna cram as many as possible while I'm still hyped.

Starting off with one of my favorites from the movie! And coincidental as I may have a GoTG related release coming tomorrow...

I tend to draw some characters just to pass the time, and I had these on my computer for quite some time now... Figured I'd share, on the current Infinity War mood.

I'm really accumulating absence right now.

I don't think i have every shown any art i have done so here you go the first peace of custom art i have ever posted on MarvelMods. would love some feedback.

Suppose the X-Men could use some love aswell.

I'm really accumulating absence right now.

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