Angel Question - For the first X-Men Legends game

Started by MUAFan88, January 10, 2018, 06:12PM

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Hello again, my last few XML and MUA video projects have gone rather well. But I'm now in need of some information for my latest XML video project if possible. I've read that Angel is included in XML but he can only be heard in the game's credits.

Now, unless I'm missing something that doesn't appear to be true because I've recorded the game credits but I never heard Angel speak. However, I have been able to find out that he does have a loading screen in the game and a voice actor is listed for him in the credits. - The credits start at 3:34 on the video.

So seeing as how I already have copies of his loading screen as well as a screenshot of the credits I was wondering if there was anything else that I could use in the video. Is it possible for any of you to help me out by providing me with a screenshot of his character models and anything else that might be of interest?. If not i'll just stick with what I have.

He has voice lines at the mansion, and the Angel mod here should have his blonde hair, blue suit as well as the suit in the screenshot. He had a character select icon too. I never found any combat animations though. Mods use his XML2 anims

I like this very much. I also want to know how it is in the game.