RUMOR: Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite to be removed from digital stores in October

Started by Ceamonks890, February 24, 2018, 03:25PM

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As quoted from the link in question:

'So I just want to say I removed the jokes previously because it is time I get serious with this the honest and hard truth is MVCI will be shut down come October 2018. It will be removed from the Steam store and PSN and XBL.
At first I wasn't sure if this news was for real so I decided to make a joke thread because I figured it was likely fake however the same source who provided me with the shut down date of Marvel Heroes Omega has now given me a shutdown date for MVCI. A HUGE part of why this game is being shut down is poor sales due to just how nasty the graphics in this game looks, even workers at Capcom takes jabs at how bad MVCI looks.

I should not have made rants and trolling goofing off in my original post because this is indeed serious.
But my frustrations with MVCI and how the X-Men has been treated really hurt me, the fact that this game is being shut down is very painful for me to accept, I paid full price for this on PS4 because I think the gameplay is amazing and I still do enjoy this game.

I accurately gave the date when Marvel Heroes Omega would be shut down in 2017 and it happened, it is a shame that post no longer exists as the MH forums both on Steam and Original forum was completely shut down by Marvel. However I was the one who made the thread warning against buying further microtransactions in Marvel Heroes even as far back as when David Brevik left Gazillion. My source told me as far back as then Gaz was going bankrupt when I made the post the thread was deleted.

My same source who works as a contractor in the industry has given me a date for when MVCI will be taken down from the Steam Store and it will be October 2018

I know that nobody has any reason to believe me, but I ask that you guys screen shot my post here and just wait for October and you will see for yourself. My source said that work has been done on a Season 2 for MVCI, there are DLC characters that were in development, however work was halted halfway and the season 2 pass was ordered to be discontinued by Capcom.

Currently Capcom has plans to release only 3 more DLC characters separately they will be released individually but it is not polished and it is not guaranteed to be released either, the decision on this is still pending, work was ordered to be stopped when they were halfway with the 4th season 2 character. Please note that Disney has NOTHING to do with MVCI, it is Marvel's decision to shut down MVCI and pull it from EVO as it has drawn too much negative publicity and complaints, the reality is Capcom wanted MVCI at EVO but Marvel refused.

And FYI, the realistic artstyle had NOTHING to do with Marvel, they never gave any orders on how the art must look, the artstyle was done by Capcom because this game was the first fighting game that was built in-house by Capcom in over a decade. The problem was Capcom did not have the talent or the resources in-house to pick whatever artstyle they wanted, the resources and talent was extremely limited. Also the reason Captain Marvel looked better than Chun Li at first is because Captain Marvel was outsourced to a designer from France. The reason it took so long to fix Chun Li's face was because they had to outsource her to another designer to do the fixes, those "fixes" were not done by Capcom so I am just letting you guys know. This is why they didn't fix dante or anyone else.

Regardless if you believe me or not, it is what it is, Come October and you will see for yourself.

There were actual plans on releasing X-Men characters for this game, it had nothing to do with licensing issues, they were to be released in the form of DLC however Marvel pulled the plug due to the poor sales of MVCI and negative publicity, a little too late I guess.

My source managed to give me some insight into the game industry and some info on the development of MVCI that explains why it turned out the way it did. He assures me that this game will be pulled as Marvel has already made their decision.

His contract has been canceled along with everyone else who were ordered to do free lance work on MVCI, for all the bashing I gave MVCI from now on I have nothing further to say about this game, the fact that this is going to be pulled means the end of the MVC franchise as we know it, I have great memories of playing this in the arcade back in the 90's when X-Men vs Street Fighter was first released, I apologize for all the negative things I have said about MVCI as I never imagined that it would go down like this.'

Must be because know one liked it, including me I didn't find it that fun in the demo. :P

It's a fake. Don't believe in rumors just yet
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