Started by jayglass, February 25, 2018, 09:51AM

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I've added black panther,colossus and spiderwoman to both versions of the game

Basically its his mua attire in mua2

which skin you would like to see classic,astonishing or ultimate?

Will this work with the psp version also? Would like to add spiderwoman so mua2 can have a real healer

it should but u have replace someone else

Get rid of penance and make her pro and anti

i would suggest getting rid of nanite fury,daredevil and blade

Hello. Can you post a tutorial on how you did that? Thank you!

...what mod? theres no link, no nothing, can you please leave more info

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This mods great spiderwomans healing is a game changer

And yes it works with the psp version