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Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the entire Marvel Mods community, I present to you "The Holy Grail" that was many years in the making. Normally, the game only allows for 27 playable heroes on the roster. But, through years of research, testing, and coding work, we have made it possible to have as many as 33 playable characters on the roster!

Um... what are you doing? Stop pinching yourself -- you're not dreaming. And yes, your eyes are seeing this correctly.

Though this hack was the work of Krisan Thyme and myself, it was the brainchild of many minds here in this forum. So, why settle for 27 when you can have 33? Download this awesome hack and see for yourself. And, feel free to give props, criticism, or feedback.

-33 characters are now playable, extending the roster by 6.
-New character select stage with platform.
-Adds an extraction point to first level.
-Now has 23 simulator comic missions and 12 simulator team missions.
-Bobby Drake model at Sanctum Santorum, so he's not in ice form.
-All characters and extraction points unlocked.

-The last five characters on your herostat will have all of their outfits locked, including the one they are wearing. Fortunately, the "Unlock All Costumes" cheat code will fix that.
-The last five characters on your herostat can equip items, but the items will then become invisible and you can't unequip them. They still work thought and you can swap them for a different item. Also, whatever items you place on the last five will also be equipped on the first five.
-The last five characters suffer problems with experience points, as they kind-of share with the first five characters. If you use the "Level 99 Team" cheat code, the last five characters on your herostat will not gain points to max out their powers like everyone else.
(NOTE: If solutions for these glitches are found, it will be updated.)

Bad news for those who prefer to use the Heroselect method -- The 33 Roster Hack will not work with Heroselect, as that program still uses the old menu locations and has the max at 27. Only the program's creator Norrin Radd can edit that program, and he's long been inactive. The XMLBCUI method is easy, and it gives you 33 playable characters instead of 27. Easy choice.

Krisan Thyme - Main game & HUB stage coding & script work, character unlock script
Outsider - Main game & sim mission coding & script work, extraction point script
MelloMods - New m_team_stage background
brandonmeek - Extraction Point to first level

Nikita488 - Discovery of herostat & select screen codes, mlm_team_back file hex-editing
Krisan Thyme - 11-NPC & 39-Character limit discoveries, coding & script solutions to eliminate major NPC glitch
Outsider - 28 Roster Limit Hack modification & research, project testing and analysis
Teancum - Extensive research of game engine & PY scripts found at Knowledge Base
Tommyboy2002 - NPC>27 project research and game-breaking limit experimentation

Maegawa - Stage Select finding (through zoneinfo.engb)
Julio Cabral - Ideas from simulator mission research
(Also, thanks to all members who have contributed their thoughts and support throughout the process.)

In v1.0, I inadvertently caused a loading screen error. So, I have updated it to v1.1 by including the boss loading screens and fixing an in-game error. Just download again, but only overwrite the "textures" folder -- it will fix the error.
Also, go to the "maps/sim" folder. You should see four files: cmblade.chrb, cmghostrider.chrb, cmdrstrange.chrb, and cmstorm.chrb. Move those to the "simchars" folder you see there and overwrite. They were mistakenly in the wrong folder and will prevent sim mission errors.

GET IT HERE: Discontinued, as the 36 Roster Hack is better.

Congrats on the impressive work!!

Great news, congratulations to all involved.

It's so nice to see your efforts finally come together. Great work!

SuperiorSpidey 2002:
WHOOOOO HOOOOO. Now I can have my SpiderVerse Roster without replacing any of my favourite Marvel characters.
THIS IS A WELL-DESERVED ACHIEVEMENT :D :spidergirl: Again Congrats Outsider and those who contributed into this.
So hyped to test this out


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