Marvel Girl Mod (Released 09/14)

Started by matt710, September 11, 2007, 07:49PM

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September 11, 2007, 07:49PM Last Edit: September 06, 2021, 08:01PM by BaconWizard17
Previews for the upcoming Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey) mod.

  From the Ashes she will rise.

September 11, 2007, 09:44PM #1 Last Edit: September 11, 2007, 09:48PM by matt710
As you can see, the moves are done.  So her powerstyle and talent files are done.  I just finished her icons and only have her huds (conversation and 3d), skins, and menu selection portrait to do.  So she is almost done!

  From the Ashes she will rise.

Whoa, those wings in Phoenix Force Xtreme looks wikid.

Thanks it is Jean's XML1 xtreme converted for XML2 and recolored (it was pink in XML1 I believe).  I am using all of Jean's XML1 stuff for skeletons and some effects.  This way she looks a little different than the other characters using Jean's XML2 skeleton (Dark Phoenix, Jean Grey, and Goblin Queen).  Unfortunately though in the menu it all looks the same because her menu animations from xml1 are the same in xml2. 

I used Cable's Eye glow effect (minus the trail) from No Doubt's mod to mimic the phoenix emblem on her left eye when she uses her powers.  So durring move charges, boost's effects, and flight her eye will glow.

Move #1 is telekinesis with recolored Jean effects and Stryfe's ring.

Move #2 is the paralysis move from Goblin Queen redone and recolored.  It also causes nullify instead of paralysis.

Move #3 is Jean's XML1 radial move converted and recolored (unfortunately it goes on a 75 degree angle so I recolored Jean's Psionic Boom move to add to it).

Move #4 is Sunfire's fire ball move using the phoenix_scream.IGB as a model instead of fire_ball.IGB.

Move#5 is Dark Phoenix's Phoenix Rage move with different effects and slightly weaker.  Since there are a lack of animations in XML1 skeletons I had to do the ground attack animation.

Move#6 is a move using Miss Marvel's time boost animations with fire effects.  I added this one because she can manipulate time with her mental powers and as an experiment to see if it would work to fix Miss Marvel's move in the conversion for Nodoubt.  It was a success.  Differences in this and Miss Marvel's boost is that it damages enemies, slows them, and has a chance to stop (freeze) them.

Boost#1 is nightcrawler's Shadow Cloak move applied to the whole party with Damage upgrade. (Not Pictured)

Boost#2 is Dark Phoenix's Shield weakened with Jean's XML1 boost's animations and aura from Human Torch.  What is cool about this move is that it starts out to just shield Rachel but eventually will apply to the other party members.  Rachel will, however, have more protection than her teammates. (Not Pictured)

Boost#3 is Sunfire's flame shield with the phoenix raptor showing durring the charge.

Xtreme#1 is Phoenix force with the recolored effects of Jean's XML1 xtreme of the same name.

Xtreme#2 is a 2 parter.  It casts rebirth on Rachel for an extended time and fire fury on the entire party.  It also boosts Max EP slightly for the party.

Passive#1 is Force Mastery from Dark Phoenix.

Passive#2 is an altered sunfire passive ability to boost Mental and Radiation resitance a lot and the other 2 a little.  It also boost fire resistance to 100% (from sunfire) but also reduces damage taken ever so slightly.

Passive#3 is called Psychic Master and reduces EP consumption from 95% to 80% its normal and allows her to have up to a 33% chance to dodge attacks.  It also will reveal hidden enemies.

As I said she is almost done, so expect her soon.
  From the Ashes she will rise.

could anyone please upload for me jean's skeleton from xml1?
does it work in xml2? because it's better than the new one...

and matt710: you do a great work with those mods!

Thanks.  I have to warn you that the skeleton lacks a lot.  It really only has 4 animations (4 sub animations for telekinesis one is a copy, one for the shield, 1 for shout, and xtreme).  The menu animations are exactly the same.  If I remember correctly 1/2 of the animations from XML1 are in XML2 (Telekinesis and Psychic Shout).  I only am using the skeleton to make her look slightly different and to fit her xtreme.  If you apply it to Jean's XML2 powers they will not look right, so she would need major reconstruction with her powers.  If you still want it though I will upload it.
  From the Ashes she will rise.

sorry, I meant to say the fightstyle!!! hehehehe! when she fights hand to hand!
the skeleton wouldn't fit well...

do you have it?

The only thing I have is moveset_flying.eng. Is that what you need?
  From the Ashes she will rise.

Preview of the new skin I am making.  Phoenix II Classic

  From the Ashes she will rise.

Here is the mod.  The reason that Jean's voice is used is because of the effect sounds, not really the voice.  Enjoy.  Please do tell me if you guys find anything screwy about the mod.  I think I fixed most of the problem though.

Thanks nodoubt_jr for the XML1 stuff.  Also thank iammingy and boreman for letting me use your skins for the mod.  (note the only skin that I can take credit for is the yellow and red one with the ponytail).

  From the Ashes she will rise.

WOW,thats really cool,your great now I can take her and wait for the end of the world and be uncomfortable the whole time. :laugh: Thanks to all.
And their turning us into Monsters its all designed!!

its awesome :applause:
Hey there! Have a great day o/

It's great, man!

but there's a bug. now when sunfire uses his blazing barrage, fire birds comes out instead of fire balls...
and i bet that's happening to pyro too.

Great work, matt.

BTW, firebirds ARE phoenixes. And I think Pyro has a firebird attack. Or are you talking about Sunfire or Marvel Girl hurling firebirds?

anyone encounter this when you use the raptors power? it will somehow kick me out of the game after i use it for a while...other powers seems to be fine...