Scottsum: GL John Stewart, JL conversations, Supergirl & Raven Boosters, fixes

Started by scottsum, August 25, 2018, 10:09AM

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The Justice League Conversation & Story Mod has been patched!  It no longer removes/replaces the following conversations by default as it did before.  Note: This mod was tested in conjunction with the 50 roster hack.  It is NOT yet compatible with the EXG mod.  I may release a version in the future that is, but that will take some time.

Sabretooth & Arcade (pinball)
Venom & Rhino (pinball)
Doom & Black Panther (upon arrival at Doom's castle)
Doom & Doom (final battle)


Found a problem in the pinball level when interacting with Shocker. Please hold off updating for the moment.

Just uploaded a patched version.  I believe I have it fixed, but if you see a problem please report it.

Green Lantern John Stewart has received a minor update-
He now does not take damage during his grabsmash and pillar animations.

Justice League conversation mod has been updated.
-Added audio file for Hannah's new Black Canary mod.
-Now includes an EXG version.  Please note, I consider this a Beta version.  Due to the stability issues that already come with 50R, there may be bugs depending on your particular combination of mods.
-Soft lock at Pinball should now be fixed.
-No longer replaces conversations at the start of Doom's castle.
-Updated naming in conversation between John Stewart and Ultra Shocker/Ultra Rhino in Asgard to align with latest OCP; corrects problem with huds not appearing.