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New and revamped simulator mod.
« on: October 11, 2018, 11:23pm »
First of all, huge thanks to Outsider, Maegawa, Julio Cabral, Erik Lensherr, Sbarth13, Norrin Radd, Cates, Blaw and Dihan, without them this project wouldn't be so diverse.

Now, here it is a completely revamped simulator. You will now face old foes from previous games, double boss battles and special items that can only be aquired through this simulator.


-New bosses.
-Double battles.
-New maps.
-New items.
-No hero limited simulator and much more.

I've had a few crashes on the past, but it think everthing is working fine. The mod is still in beta and needs proper testing and some minor tweaks, so use it at your risk. I strongly recommend doing a backup of your game before installing this.

- Me
- Julio Cabral: Odin mod.
- Maegawa: Doctor Doom's stage conversion and Evil Wolverine mod.
- Outsider: Help, Death mod and Thanos mod.
- Erik Lensherr: Galactus mod.
- Sbarth13: Sentry mod.
- Norrin Radd: Angel mod.
- Dihan: ShadowKing mod.
- Blaw: XML2  character conversions.
If i forgot anyone or anything, just let me know i will gladly add it.

Download link: