Stan Lee has passed

Started by BaconWizard17, November 12, 2018, 11:55AM

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If you haven't seen already, Stan Lee has just passed. The man who brought the characters that mean so much to us. May he rest in peace

I'm heartbroken beyond what I can possibly express.

This man was always a real life hero to me. I'll never forget everything he's done that's enriched not just my life but the lives of countless others.

Though he may be gone, the wonderful characters, adventures, and dreams he's created and inspired will live on forever.

Rest in Peace. Stan Lee.  I'm at a loss for words.

An absolute creative visionary and amazing human. Stan, may you rest in peace. <3  :cyclops: :beast: :phoenix: :iceman: :archangel:

Stanley Martin Lieber (1922 - 2018)

Words can't express my gratitude for this legend and how he inspired me in so many ways. It's hard to imagine that he's now on his way to Heaven, but we can take solace in that he lived a long life, capturing the hearts of many generations with his creativity, imagination, and humor. I thank God for his existence. I hope I become at least half as inspirational as he has been to me and countless others around the world.

<( I can't believe he's gone. I have sent the tweet to Mr. Ryoma Takeuchi, Kamen Rider Drive actor who managed to meet Mr. Lee before the legend's sudden passing.
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Can't believe it yet. I wasn't ready.
You know when you're just a kid and you got all these cartoons to watch. Marvel's animated series were my fav since then.
Marvel, wasn't so popular and anyone who was into it could be consider a wierdo.
Years later Marvel almost went bankrupt and dissapear.
But now? I recall the day I went to see Infinity War this year. Full, full auditory.
And when my fav character Thor make his entrance, everybody screamed and clapped. That was so real.
I am so sad for his dead but I feel pride and I know he felt so proud of his work and that's what matter. To have a legacy, a gif to the world, something for what they remember you.

May he rest in peace. It is sad indeed, but he made it to 95 in style. I reckon Hela will let him pass to Valhalla!

I have reprints of most of Stan's work (still missing out on Silver Surfer, which is supposed to be his best), there's plenty of people who would want to diminish Stan's role in the creation of the characters as opposed to Kirby, Ditko and those other magnificent artists, but if you read his work there's no denying that he had a great handle on how to shape those characters, how to write them, how to 'sell' them.

Among his work, one particular favourite of mine is the original Mar-Vell Captain Marvel story in Marvel Super-Heroes #12. Stan wrote that issue together with Gene Colan. Gene 'the dean', one of the finest artists of those times, actually voiced his dislike of the character and his design, this one was clearly all Stan. I don't know what Colan was on about, I also can't understand why the character wasn't more of a hit: that first story was an amazing set-up! An alien spy disguises himself as a scientist on a military base, develops an affection for humanity, but has to work under orders from an observing superior (based in a spaceship in orbit over earth), who hates him and wants him to die so he can steal his girlfriend (employed on the same ship), so he's assigned dangerous tasks and needs to find ways to ensure his own survival while also finding the need protect the humans he's grown to admire - which is a fact he needs to disguise from the rulers of his own race, who mean for him to determine if humanity is a threat or not (and if so, handle it).
All of the above is written in good pacing within half an issue.

Stan was a very good writer and an undeniable force behind Marvel.

This is too sad. :( He graced us with his great characters who are forever timeless, Stan always seemed like such a great guy. I hope that he rests in peace.

Stan has gone to Valhalla, home of legends.
A superhero for the ages.