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Started by Cohollow, May 07, 2019, 07:37AM

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I made this thread to be a place where i can post clips and info on current projects and get feed back from the community. I plan to make a booster for every in game character and update them frequently until they have a good balance and no bugs. After that i will see about making boosters for the characters made by the very talented modders of this community. Please give me feedback on what you like, don't like and any ideas you have for the characters I'm working on! 
:xavier:  The world needs dreamers to give it a soul  :xavier:

:rogue: I am currently working on a few moves for rogue. this clip demonstrates 2 that i think will replace powertheft and energy overload, whatchu think? I also think ill add a passive that turns some incoming damage into EP gain if i can :rogue:

Rogues final touches

She has many changes but most notably 4 new abilities

- Lifted Smash a popup uppercut folled by a heavy knockback smash

- Sapping Strangle stun enemy and has a debuff i have yet to choose and when the target dies it releases radial energy damage

- Absorption you'll notice in the gif she turns incoming damage into EP

- Energy Crush a 200 degree arc of energy knockback

thx my dude! the debuff of sapping strangle will be an atk and def reduction, taking the place of bedazzle

:cyclops: Lasers lasers and more lasers! playing around with optic boom which launches an enemy back that then explodes. Baconwizard incorporated accuracy from the first xmen legends and i may do the same. t'is a very good idea :cyclops:

testing out a couple attacks and they're hella fun

Optic Boom a blast launches back the target who then explodes

Unleash removes visor and blasts enemies with two attacks that stun and trip in an arc

Awesome that you're working on XML2 Mods/boosters.

Also digging the gifs.

A picture speaks 1000 words!

but a gif...

keep up the good work!

^^view MelloMods' Mods^^

thx mello, i hope i can add some fun goodies for ppl play around with. im pretty fresh to the whole modding thing but hopefully ill be getting better and giving ppl some crazier stuff soon enough. things with diff skins and such. Also stoked to see your maverick mod for MUA. Deffs need to try my hand at MUA mods once ive gotten well versed over on XML.

Having fun with deadpool and have plans to add some fun abilities names and descriptions such as
Here Comes the Boom BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM i wanna go BOOM BOOM

I'm also playing around with using the descriptions that appear when using xtremes to have random message from deadpool to the player so this booster may take more time to get finished  :deadpool:

 :deadpool: I'm here and kicking butt! Go check out my booster, and get jiggy with it :deadpool:

 :rogue: I just noticed that rogues lifting smash requires torpedo strike to unlock, i will fix this soon!  :rogue:

Looks like Deadpools here comes the boom ability isnt costing EP. ill fix this soon enough but for now ya'll gotta freebie :P

:rogue: Rogue Update 1 :rogue:

- Lifting Smash no longer requires torpedo strike

- absorbent recovers more EP and requires a lower level to max out

- Energy Crush requires less EP and requires a point in Sapping Strangle

playing with different bullet types

- cryo barrage

- acid rain

- explosive shots

Is this overdoing it with all the different damage types and is there a bullet effect i should consider?
also having a hard time deciding whether the explosive shot should be physical or fire damage