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Started by Cohollow, May 07, 2019, 07:37AM

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I'm having a hard time getting the more unique aspects of this bishop booster to work properly and balanced but heres a small look at what i have so far. I may need to shelve this project and come back to it if i cant come up with some solutions

 :bishop: So i fell in luv with 2 different playstyles and now Bishop will have 8 powers, 4 gun based and 4 energy based that compliment each build respectively. It may be difficult to go both routes with the point demand so i'm designing him to take benefit from going one route or the other. This has surprisingly been the most troublesome booster thus far so i really hope it comes out well and you all enjoy it!  :bishop:

 :scarletw: next up is scarlet witch  :scarletw: Due to this character being introduced with poorly defined powers and multiple retcon, the possibilities are nearly endless. It's disappointing to see such a character largely limited to only using hex bolts so i hope i can get a bit more wild with it. Such a prospect is both intimidating and exciting!

:scarletw: Did you see me get knocked towards the water at the top of the stairs, and save it with a quick teleport?? XD that was so dope!
Having fun testing out 3 new moves ive been working on, so far so good  :scarletw:


I goofed again and had some abilities that required a point in abilities further down the tree but i fixed that, rlly srry about that. noone seems to let me know so i dont find out until i go back and test things out. Will be sure to keep fixing any mistake i find in the future!

Been doing alot of field testing with the existing boosters, and i see many things that can be fixed/improved. Expect updates to many boosters in the near future. Also as i get into the rest of the characters things may get difficult as alot of them (wolverine,nightcrawler) work really well and feel great as it stands. I think the next thing i wish to do is make sabertooth and wolverine more unique to themselves. Hope everyones enjoying what i've got done so far, and remember criticism is super helpful! :D

Also noticed something srange about rogue heal ability. Let me know about any other existing bugs and ill see about doing a fix

My main goal is to make sabretooth feel separate from wolverine, otherwise whats the point in him being there? So to start off, im working on a move to replace lunge. I plan on it being similar in fashion, but being more suited to his size and attack style

Though I decided against Sabretooth for my game due to plot reasons and him being so close to Logan, one of my suggestions would be to set him to "Wrestling" melee style like how he was in X-Men Legends 1. This would at least make his melee attack style functionally somewhat different. Slower yet stronger. Maybe also give him a charging move like Colossus' to replace one of those copy/paste powers he got from the "runt".

Thx for the ideas! I'm super down to set him tot he wrestling style and ive been considering a charge attack that ends in the usual lunge ground attack but having each slash do a damage tick as apposed to the single tick on the tail end of the attack with possible auto KO

The above gif shows the trouble i'm having with the lunge land animation. The charge chains to wall lunge which then chains to lunge land. As you can see the lunge doesnt change the direction im going in and i end up rolling back towards the wall. I've tried many different anglelock setups and nothing seems to help. Plz help me out so i can finish up this new move!

Playing with 3 new attacks!

South paw

Feral Roll

unnamed charge

Late to the party, but a big fan of your booster for Wanda! Much appreciated to have unique ideas for powersets!  :scarletw:

Thx dames, I'm glad ur into it. I have lots of boosters and character mods planned for the near future, so buckle up :P Once I've hit up all the stock characters I'll be going over them again for fixes and improvements. After that i'm thinking I'll make some character mods for the NPC's such as sauron and mystique etc. I may hit up existing mods made by the community such as the one for Beast. Especially the one for Beast!