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Started by Cohollow, May 07, 2019, 07:37AM

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Also checked out ur mods for Wanda. The red effects look rlly good and i'm super into the skins you made!

Sorry I've been teasing this booster for so long, but theres been a few roadblocks. To make it up to you I've posted another teaser :D

Reasons for delay

1 - They literally copy and pasted wolverine to sabretooth, many fixes were needed
2 - Endless coding road blocks and trying to over do the complexity of some attacks
3 - I start testing abilities and then i dont stop for far too long

p.s. What sort of monster put Sabretooth in this game without the ability to throw wolverine?

:iceman: So I've decided on the next project. This is my #1 fav character to play as in this game. The super smooth feel of the abilities with iceman kept me from making a booster sooner. It's time :iceman:

It would seem the trouble i ran into with bishops explosive shots is the same thing thats buggered up with icemans cold crush. elemental combat adds damage to the explosion of cold crush and energy combat was increasing the damage of explosive shot for bishop which is why i wasn't able to make that ability act as id intended. Considering I can't seem to find a solution I may just build explosive shot the way i wanted to originally and just not wrry about the damage boost of energy combat. Bishops explosive shot is going to function far better when i update him

Iceman was nearly finished when i got a bit sidetracked. Sorry about the broken frames, I'm struggling with a p.c that seems to be on its last legs :(

:beast: I built this character mod outta the files in Teancum's XML1 project, and have asked permission to share it with you fine folk. I hope i get the go ahead because he's super fun. Abilties now scale with the striking stat, Big changes to sounds, effects, and animations. Also added some abilities and plan to add a buff (probably called Animal Within) that will add bleed damage to attacks for a time. Iceman will be out soon, and i doubt he'll disappoint! :iceman:

You are so prolific! Will that Beast have only one skeleton?

i wish i could tell you, but I still don't have a good understanding of the skeletons and their tie to the animations. Tho I can note that i have yet to crash while building this mod. On a side note, my builds are taking more time now that my p.c. has decided it hates me. I'll still be dropping new stuff regularly just not as quickly as i'd like to.

Today I built special jump abilities and attacks to be unlocked in an agility passive
Yesterday i built a new xtreme that radiates enemies
2 days ago I built a boost that adds bleed damage to beasts attacks
all the days before i built crap loads of other stuff you will see soon

I've been meticulously combing every aspect of beasts abilities, sounds, and effects to make him feel dope and balanced in every way I can! It's taking a lot of time, but the final product will be amazing!. When using Beast it'll feel natural as tho he was built by the game designers themselves (aside from a lack of broken abilities and effects)

Tho there is one odd thing that can happens with this Beast mod. If you've played XML1 you are likely aware of a bug that caused the sentinels to fire your characters out of themselves. From time to time Beast will do this, but its him that fires out enemies. It doesnt seem to make for any issues and isnt common enough to break him or anything, but it is odd, and pretty funny. I'm not sure I can find the cause but, it's a rather minor bug that isn't very worrying.

Beast uses two skeletons and i may in the future build one that only uses one. I also think my mods are moving beyond the scope of just boosters so i'll probably make a sneak peak thread that isn't hidden in the boosters section soon.  :beast: gahhh im so stoked that Beast is a character in my game now, and has shaped up to be my fav dude to play as thus far! XD :beast:

Also I was reading up on how to go about adding a roster picture for Beast, and decided booooooo. If anyone is willing to make a roster pic work for me I'll flow u an early download of this mod so you can implement a roster photo of him, and I'll be sure to credit you for your help when the Beast download goes up. If anyone has the time to do me this fav plz plz plz pm me and we'll work it out. It's the only thing this mod is missing to be complete, aside from minor tweaks im still doing here and there. Also, a big thx to everyone keeping up with my projects and showing support!

I might be able to help!

Also, have you considered adding any science-based attacks to Beast? I feel like the original mod hardly utilizes that part of his character

Quote from: BaconWizard17 on May 27, 2019, 07:43AM
I might be able to help!

Also, have you considered adding any science-based attacks to Beast? I feel like the original mod hardly utilizes that part of his character

I second this. Leaving behind a booby trap, summoning a drone of some kind, or using a blaster weapon can really help make Beast feel like Dr. Hank McCoy instead of just "slightly more agile Colossus/Sabretooth". If you scrapped the booby trap that Cyclops used, you could give that to the good ol' doc.

 :beast: Hey those great ideas guys! thx I think i may need to go about doing exactly that. I'll flow Bacon Wizard my files so he can see about helping me out too :beast:

Good news! I'm working with a couple other dope modders to bring you a big, hella dope mod. I won't give anything away until it's ready, but expect an overhaul of your game and characters once it's finished. Tho I'm sorry to say, this does mean my own projects are temporarily put on hold while we hammer this thing out. Be well homies!

:beast: I took some time to finish up Beast and now I've just gotta figure out how I want to organise the download thread. Expect a link soon!! :beast: