An odd camera thing

Started by Hydra850, May 07, 2019, 06:07PM

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Is camera behavior erratic on longer game saves?
A regular X Men Legends 2 edition game seems to do this, while the modded (All-Xmen/Brotherhood/Heroes) editions don't.
Simply, the camera tends to want to hover over your character at an uncomfortable 90 degrees. I get this especially with Storm's aoe's. Other editions see a more relaxed angular tendency from the game camera. I've played this game for years with various PC controllers and noticed this tendency starts to kick in more often on longer game saves.

Exactly, BaconWizard!
It doesn't revert back to regular angle as quick as you'd like, forcing you to zoom out in order to regain regular view.
A whole pile of actually worse things would have to happen for me to give up XML2. Even a stubborn follow camera can't touch the massive replay value of this game.

BTW love your works, BaconWizard!

I haven't personally encountered this camera problem, so I'm not sure if there's a fix other than just zooming back out. Sorry it's doing that

Thank you for the compliments!

I've never had that happen on my PS2 version of the game and so far not noticed it on PC either, though I have encountered strange glitches on both platforms. Does this bug occur for you on PC if you're using the mouse and keyboard? Have you played on other platforms and experienced this issue before?

Sounds real odd and not like there's an obvious solution other than further experimentation.

One thing that has happened to me before in this game is when the camera sort of gets pinned up against a wall or obstruction and won't quite adjust. But that just happens at random and doesn't pertain to mods. Usually just running around or messing with the camera fixes it

I've had that happen as well. It's almost like a cameraman got stuck while filming the action scenes and is trying in vain to catch up.

PC version only, and the upward lift happens around tight quarters.

I think all you can do for that is just manually pop it back down every time. I don't think it's a coding glitch, but just the nature of the camera