Sabretooth Booster (Cohollow)

Started by Cohollow, May 21, 2019, 09:50AM

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May 21, 2019, 09:50AM Last Edit: February 19, 2020, 10:26AM by Cohollow
:stooth: Sabretooth :stooth:

Colossus meets Wolverine in this baddy tossing bully. Smash enemies with powerful, and far reaching knockback attacks, and cut them down with fast and precise slashes and stabs. Finally Sabretooth feels like his own play style, and makes being bad feel oh so good!


Talon Slice Increased melee attack with knockback.
Changes - Fix (now starts with a point)

South Paw Increased melee attack that stuns victims
Changes - New Ability

Bleeding Talons Increased melee attack as bleed damage
Changes - None

Feral Roll Sabretooth rolls into a powerful thrust, causing knockback, and bleeding.
Changes - New Ability

Sabre Rush Charges against enemies knocking them back for as long as the button is held.
Changes - New Ability

Talon Fury Multiple slashing attacks with each hit increasing attack speed for a time.
Changes - Improved control

Slash and Bash Slashes multiple targets in a blinding flurry of rage.
Changes - None

Regeneration Overdrive Gives Sabretooth the ability to resurrect himself from the dead if he dies within boost lifetime.
Changes - None

Feral Rampage Boosts attack, movement, and damage for a time
Changes - increases attack instead of defense
             - increases damage
             - reduced speed increase

Roar Causes enemies to run in fear and decreases their defense.
Changes - None

Talon Mastery Adds to talon damage and increases chance for criticals with talon attacks
Changes - None

Enhanced Senses Animal instincts allow a natural increase in attack and defense
Changes - None

Strong Willed Increases all resistances
Changes - None

Regeneration Heals over time.
Changes - None

Might Can lift heavy objects and damage reinforced walls
Changes - Now starts with a point
             - Can be increased to 2 points


- can now throw Wolverine
- Many changes unlisted such as animation changes, ep requirements, etc.
- Any feedback would be wonderful, let me know if you have problems, questions, or ideas

Big thanks to many community members for continued assistance and support especially Dream Weaver for assistance and ability ideas!

Download has been fixed! Sabretooth is in need of a few updates. Coming soon :stooth: