Started by Cohollow, June 11, 2019, 07:24AM

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Theres a bunch of modders and gamers that discuss developments in the modding scene here. I often share what I'm working on here, and discuss whats coming up. Join us if you want a deeper look at whats going down!

I hope you're all ready for a wolverine and Nightcrawler double whammy!

had planned to have this out right after Nightcrawler but noticed an oversight I didn't wish to leave until his next update. But what evs, hes here now!

:juggernaut: Now releasing the Juggernaut Booster :juggernaut:,10655.0.html

BOOM! that makes 3 releases in a couple days! I hope you have fun and let me know about any trouble you have and any bugs!

:pyro: MMMMMMM Toasty :pyro:

While I've spent A lil while doing things other than mods lately, when I do mod, I'm on fire baby!

Pyro may he my favorite booster thus far, tho since he was an earlier build there are many issues in need of fixing. Expect fixes with icon displays, ep and damage balance, vanilla bugs, and many other improvements. Hope u dig i

:cyclops: Slim in the works :cyclops:

Getting cyclops improved so pyro has some company on my next play!

 :blob: So I've been testing my Blob mod on my cyclops, and pyro test play. I've jotted down a lot of improvements and fixes I'll end up hitting up in due time. He will also be built to use the striker passive in my custom shared talents, and use 5 passives at 12 points like the rest of my builds are being set up with. :blob:

:quicks: On a side note, due to balancing issues I may swap out Quicksilver for another character (probably psylock) in my own custom roster build :psylocke:

:cyclops: Cyclops Skins :cyclops:

Come vote fore what skin I should exclude from the upcoming booster update,

Due to an error I made, the above vote has been altered. plz leave a vote for which skin to exclude

:cyclops: Guess Who's Ready! :cyclops:,10547.0.html

Lots of fixes and improvements! Effects have been improved, attacks changed to more fluid and effective counter parts. New skins from the community, much easier to apply (no recompiling required), built to incorporate my new passives set up, and a load more fun!,10547.0.html

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:pyro: Fiery upgrade from the land down under! :pyro:,10537.0.html

A whole bunch of re-balancing and fixing went into this dude. The Uncanny version fixes old issues with his power icons, fixes the bugged damage of his extreme, adds a new skin, incorporates the new passive set up, much easier to apply (no recompiling required), and so much more. Be sure to hit up this new and improved booster to give Pyro the epic fiery output he deserves!

Please let me know if anything about this booster is mucked up so I can fix it right away!,10537.0.html

:gambit: Stealing the Show :gambit:

This is very much the rough draft. We'll see where this booster update goes.

If anyone gives Pyro a go, let me know how his Branding fists (elemental combat) feels. I reduced the melee damage increase as i found it rather OP. It made him a better striker than actual melee based characters. I wish to apply a similar nerfing to other characters with such a passive. Using Branding Fists and his melee buff can still be rather powerful tho. let me know if it feels more balanced, and if I overdid it or not please!