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August 31, 2019, 01:38AM #120 Last Edit: August 31, 2019, 01:45AM by Cohollow
A closer look at some staff attacks in development

the staff flurry was a bit of a pain. Set it up with a temporary target grab to keep it on target and trap the victim in the combo.
narrowing down the powers to 7 attacks will be tough.

I like that quick flicking motion he makes in the new attack. Quite nice. I may have to steal that for my own personal (evil) purposes.

:gambit: Here's the Deal :gambit:

Get it? "deal" hehe heh... I'll show myself out. Also, glad you like what you see Dream Weaver!

Guess I gotta finish up the last couple of Gambit models then.

September 01, 2019, 11:03AM #124 Last Edit: September 01, 2019, 11:12AM by Cohollow
yes please! XD MUA2 has a dope look to Gambit, tho I dont know how fitting it'll be eve with the cel shading. I was considering adding Cabral's FF Gambit to his skins, but unfortunately his legs clip his coat.

Guess whos back in town techno tinkers its me the next new thing! They sent us away for upgrades, and we returned with a fresh coat of paint!

Gambit is in a bit of limbo while I wait on some assistance with a lil thing but in the meantime, heres my work on the new and improved deadpool booster!

featuring huge improvements to tele-kick, here comes the boom, his pistol draw and holster speed, and so so much more!

:storm: A Storm's Coming :storm:

Say hello to chain lightning with fully controlled targeting! Deadpool and Gambit's overhaul are nearly done. Next up is a much needed improvement to Storm

It was a crime they took Leadership from her in this game, so be sure to give it back in your booster.

 :storm: My existing Storm booster has added leadership to her and this I do not plan to change. This update will rebalance her powers, smooth them out, and add a new power. Also she will be much more in line with the layout I've settled on for all characters moving forward. :storm:

:beast: Release the Beast :beast:

New and improved Beast mod is ready to go, once I get up and make the download page. the existing Beast will be replaced, so download it if u want it. This Beast features a single skeleton build, 2 new science based attacks, Some of BaconWizard17's newest and best skins to date, and so much more! Thats just one more to add to the lineup I have ready for release. Things are gonna get dope XD  :beast:

:beast: About the Beast Mod :beast:

Something I've been considering for Beast is a heavy energy weapon power. While I dont think there is an animation to satisfy this desire, it may be possible to set up a rather convincing shoulder mounted blaster. While he has used such weaponry in the past, he would much rather use his bare hands as we've often seen. He currently has a corrosive concoction throw and an electrical ground trap much like cyclops' trap. His Xtreme is also an orbital bombardment. If I were to develop an energy blaster attack as a 7th power would that be over doing it? I rlly need some other opinions on this one, please tell me what you think of such a development.

:storm: Full Climate Control :storm:

The difficulty I have with visual effects has made Storms booster a rather difficult one, but I think we're getting somewhere.

:deadpool: The Amazing Captain Deadpool! :deadpool:

Bet you didn't know I can juggle. See you at the circus Nightcrawler!

If I keep playing with my new toys like this, I'll never end up actually releasing the darn things :P


All issues with my old booster have been fixed! Easy to use and dope to play. I'll leave his old booster up for a bit if anyone wants it, but its just a lame version of this one. Better balance and better control. New effects and much more satisfying sounds.,

it's been a long while since my last release so I hope you get loads of fun outta this guy. It's a gift to everyone for my birthday :D

:storm: Great progress thus far :storm:

Big improvements on this one!

- Tornadoes no longer fizzle away
- chain lightning is far more effective with more reasonable damage, EP cost and full target control
- Xtreme does damage in 2 stages. one wind and one lightning
- Improved effects
- and a whole lot more :storm: