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:avalanche: Let's Get Ready To Rumble :avalanche:

Avalanche should be my next character mod to come out. Quicksilver has posed many problems with balancing and smooth game play. In light of multiple psylock requests, she may wind up taking his place in my upcoming overhaul. Mystique may be the one I get asked about the second most frequently. While I have plans to make a mod for her, I dont think she'll end up in the overhaul.

:avalanche: Am I Playin' Too Rough For Ya? :avalanche:

His first power is (mostly) done. Notice how attacks will not penetrate the rock shell, much like magnetos metal one

:avalanche: Now we're getting somewhere :avalanche:

Didn't sleep last night, and it was so worth it. gotta do 2-3 more powers, a couple buffs and the passives.

Sweet idea with the "trap" move with all the rocks rattling and homing in on enemies. Also, nice twist with the first primary attack based from the first game. Mine went a different direction, using elements from Cyclops' first beam attack; as you level it up, it shoots out and travels faster. One move I gave Avalanche was a foot stomping (Wrestling) move, though you'd likely have to give him Wrestling fighting style.

Great work so far.

:avalanche: Full Powerset! :avalanche:

Avalanche now has 6 basic powers and may get a 7th. Plenty of work still to be done, but things are coming along really well! Also thx for the feedback, It's always appreciated! Still gotta get the other characters released for everyone  :storm: :gambit: :beast:

:nightcrawler: Killer Teancum Skins :nightcrawler:

Mah boy Teancum's been releasing some really killer skins that I haven't had the chance to feature in any of my boosters. Wanted to give him a shout out to anyone whos missed them. Be sure to check him out to pick up this X2 skin and many more!,10642.0.html

I hope to feature some of his works with my future releases!

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:storm: :bishop: :gambit:  :beast:  :avalanche: All Ongoing Projects :avalanche:  :beast:  :gambit: :bishop: :storm:

Storm: needs a sixth power and a play through test.

Gambit: needs new power icons (I may release it without em as he's been sitting for weeks now)

Beast: ready but waiting on a skin for him

Avalanche: Needs a second buff, sounds and a play through test

Bishop: In the beginning stages of big improvements

Other: Trying to decide on how to better balance the basic striking damage of characters with things such as energy combat. These passives can increase striking by up to a massive 260% making them the most powerful basic strikers by a huge margin, while their buffs tend to only add up to 50% striking damage. these buffs do tend to affect the whole team tho. I need to find a much better balance for the characters that have these buffs and passives before releasing storm, gambit, and bishop. I will likely make the buffs better than the passives and have them only apply to the caster.

Striking stat

it seems that the amount of melee damage a character does is based on striking relative to their fight style. For example fightstyle_hero = 18-26, 26-43 melee damage and fightstyle_wrestling = 26-43, 52-77 melee damage. thats at 150 strike points. This explains why wolverines hero fightstyle ends up affording less damage on his powers than colossus with wrestling. making striking characters even more of a pain to balance due to their power damage being relative to their strike stat.

I think I've finally been able to best balance characters like gambit and bishop with the following set up. Energy Combat = up too + 100%, and Energy Fury = up to 150%. This will make it so the damage done when the Energy Fury buff is active and energy combat is maxed is nearly equal to the base melee damage of a wrestler like colossus with a maxed out striker passive (+150% melee damage).

I hope that was explained well and easy to understand. I also hope people find this balance makes striker based characters and non striker based characters feel like the melee damage they dish out is more appropriate. I'll get back to posting the fun flashy stuff now that most of the math is outta the way ;)

True Scale

If we assume the default of the average character to be 6 feet, then this is what these characters look like if we math out their true scale. I may from here on be making my character boosters to proper scale. Anyone against this idea?

lmao this is so not gonna work. wolverines too short to work within the scale factor because everything shrinks, not just his height.  lolol crap

I shrank him in my mod, but I had to do so only a touch to avoid things looking goofy. I take it you also saw how this alters the look on the character leveling/selection menu? The old adage holds true here; less is more.

:bishop:Time Fugitive:bishop:

While I haven't been posting updates on my progress with Bishop, he will be the next one released. He's pretty well ready to go and should be up for download sometime today. The first to feature well balanced energy combat and buff, and again featuring many great skins by BaconWizard! Use sapping strike to buff his energy damage output and dish out heavy energy damage, Invest in gun mastery and use a large variety of ammo types to trip up enemies, or throw points into his energy combat and buff to make him a solid energized melee combatant!

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:storm: Lightning Rush :beast:

With the addition of Beasts new rush move and Storms new lightning move, I think they have a full set of 7 attack powers that i am very much happy with!

:punisher_logo:   :hobgoblin:  HAPPY HALLOWEEN  :greengoblin:   :sinister:

Here's a look at something that I have no plan on releasing, but figured it fit the Holiday rather well. I made this out of hemlot's joker mod months ago, so be sure to download hemlots joker and give it a go!

Joker's Song by Miracle of Sound: