Started by Cohollow, June 11, 2019, 07:24AM

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Thx Bacon! Stoked to see what kinda skins you make for him some day

So I'm planning on releasing a mod that replaces the entirety of the roster with my own boosted versions of the characters (once my boosts have been better balanced and smoothed out). The mod will also have an extra character and may or may not have 3 other characters that replace 3 existing characters depending on how people vote. I plan to start a large pole that has all 24 of the characters that may make the 21 character roster, and its up to you to vote for the 3 that will not make it into my mod. You can vote out characters that exist in the game and characters that i have put up as an extra option to be placed in the game. The choice is yours!

I'm thinking about putting it up right away, but i also wonder if i should have the characters I'll involve in the vote built and available to play first. additional characters I may include in the vote are Beast, Angel, Quicksilver, Blob, and Avalanche. I'm also considering having Ironman removed from the roster by default

Quote from: Cohollow on June 21, 2019, 11:29AMI'm also considering having Ironman removed from the roster by default

Precisely what I did when I modded my game. Between the low number of female and Brotherhood characters and the limited amount of playables you could have in your game, I was stunned by the fact they wasted a spot with Tony. If I had been in charge of that part of development, I would have made Juggernaut the unlockable you find. Powerful non-mutant, but X-Men relevant and understandable why Apocalypse would want him either as a slave or at least out of the way, perhaps to study the source of his power. An Avenger just seems silly and out of place in an X-Men game. It also opens the can of worms question: Where are the other Avengers then?

I totally agree dream weaver. the juggernaut idea is spot on too. A much better and more sensible way of introducing juggs as a playable character

and so begins the effort to build beast with a single skeleton

as Blob and Angel look on with disapproving eyes "did you forget something?!"

I've put up the thread where you can vote for the characters you wish to see in my total overhaul mod! Probably should have started this thread in the workbench too but oh well its fine,10607.0.html

dude hell ya. Thats gotta be a thing

Quote from: BaconWizard17 on June 22, 2019, 07:53AM
Perhaps a mod is in order to make Juggernaut the captured character

I had considered such a thing, but the fact he appears in so many briefing cutscenes made me decide against it for my own mod. I try to make everything feel consistent so my suspension of disbelief isn't shattered. If I had the means of swapping characters in briefings, had access to voice actors, could animate different X-Men/Brotherhood into the cutscenes, then I'd absolutely would have done it by now. If you're going to do it though, I'd suggest making the four items you find in each place his boots, his knuckledusters/gauntlets, his helmet, and then the gem of Cyttorak itself.

I did manage to change at least a tiny bit of textual dialogue in the early part of the game though. I never bought that Mystique and Sabretooth are "cut off" from the team when you have Magneto right there able to just rip doors off hinges, so I made the silent text read that Mystique had "business" to attend to elsewhere in the facility, then your player character muses about what she might have up her sleeve. My head-canon is there is a weapon there that she wants to lift for herself — the one Mystique uses that can sap a character's powers away for a time.

It's possible to switch between different cutscene characters, but unfortunately that's a pretty limited roster. Only the initially playable characters and Professor X actually have models for the briefings. Sadly, it's not possible to make any others because XML2 doesn't support custom models in any way that we know. Plus, the cutscene models are rigged very differently, so they would be tough to do. The only way that it would really be possible to make custom cutscene models would be by using the XML2 to MUA conversion, as XML2 is the only game with cutscenes rendered in-game and MUA is the only game with custom model support.

awe true that, i hadnt considered the briefings

Generally though, I mod my games pretty heavily, so I don't have a problem with the briefings not being right

:blob: Guess who's ready!! :blob:

Now i just gotta set up the download thread and he's all yours