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Started by Dream Weaver, July 15, 2019, 01:27AM

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•Magnetize: Lift and throw objects and enemies. Vanilla TK move. Fixed an error in its original description that said it did mental damage. It doesn't. Thoroughly tested against Morlocks and it does reduced damage against the brutes, not the psychics. Never made sense that it would be mental damage anyway. New special effects added.

•Iron Maiden: Fires a piercing beam of electromagnetic energy that forms a metal shell around victims, inflicting energy damage and holding them in place. Upgraded this move because it looks cool, has a good idea, and is now the only move Magneto has that causes energy damage. The shell also lasts far longer. At first dot, it holds for a single second, but each new dot adds another second. At level 10, you're doing lots of damage to multiple enemies — if they line up nicely — while also performing crowd control and bypassing enemies with physical resistance.

•Induction Suspension: Suspends enemies in a magnetic field to immobilize them. A fun radial power by Razard that I tweaked.

•Fatal Attraction: Magnetizes metallic blades to his enemies. Heavily edited move that combines the original "Metal Spikes" move with a custom one by Razard to make something better than what was in the vanilla game. It can knock enemies over too.

•Magnetic Vortex: Pulls in surrounding enemies and objects, damaging them on contact. Vanilla "Magnetic Grasp", though I believe I tweaked the damage values so it actually does the amount the description claims it does.

•Repelling Burst: Uses powerful magnetic fields to throw enemies back and disorient them for a time. The most expensive power move, but it flings enemies far and slows them for a short time.

•Polarity Field: Forms metal spheres to block attacks and harm melee attackers. Vanilla shield buff, but with a nice new look thanks to Razard and the added feature of keeping enemies off you. I tweaked some values and it is one of my favorite powers Magneto uses. Combine it with his passive to block ranged attacks and Magneto becomes nearly untouchable.

•Supremacy: Magneto's dominating presence and experience makes the entire party better in combat, increasing the level of all assigned skills temporarily. Largely unchanged from the vanilla game.

•METALLIC MAYHEM: Xtreme radial attack. Blasts surrounding enemies with electromagnetic force. Only tweaked the damage values and corrected the description. It originally states it's throwing metal debris, but it neither does physical damage nor appears as such. It's an energy attack.

•METAL MINION: Summons one of his acolytes to fight alongside your team for a time. Improved this one. Magneto generally will have terrible melee damage and poor-moderate health and this power was never too impressive to me, so the first dot merely mimics Magneto's stats 100%, then each new dot improves it exponentially. You will eventually have a rather tough and devastating melee ally that also uses an old Acolyte skin from XML1 that was not recycled in the sequel.

•Master of Magnetism: Adds damage to all magnetic attacks. Does not increase critical chance as Magneto is both already quite strong and also has Leadership.

•Repulsive Aura: Uses a magnetic field around himself granting Boss Resistances and deflecting a percentage of melee and projectile attacks. Yes, Boss Resistances. Once you have this passive, he can no longer be tripped, blasted from the sky, grappled, etc.

•Mutant Master: Vanilla.

•Leadership: Vanilla.

•Flight: Altered.*

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's taking credit for something I didn't do, and I certainly did not make any costumes.

Maegawa is the one that made Magneto's skins that are used in this booster. You can see previews of some of them here.

•Magneto floats. He only stands and walks/runs when at base. This means you won't hear him complain about things taking long if you wait around, however, if you have him idle while flying for long enough and then lower him directly to the ground, he'll adopt the classic idle animation the other characters use and express his boredom like before.

•He no longer performs the dive move while flying. Instead, he uses melee finisher moves and can perform some awkward combos mid-flight.

•He uses "Wrestling" as his melee fight style. This emulates his grand motions and heavy hitting nature. The animations for his have been altered to fit better rather than throwing attacks like he's Colossus or Juggernaut.

•He starts with 50% Mental Resistance. This is largely inconsequential as there are precious few adversaries that utilize such power.

•Magneto is one of two modded characters that has Boss Resistances granted to him through passives. The other is Blob.

This is my first time releasing any work and it has been at least a year since I even made anything, so I am a pinch rusty at keeping track of every and all elements that go together to make a functioning mod character or, indeed, a booster such as this. I also cannot take full credit for all things included in this booster such as skins or specific aspects about a couple powers. By and large, however, this is my work and was the most in-depth character mod I made. If you notice something that was yours here and it wasn't credited, please let me know here and I'll update the list.

I lack the proper knowledge/ability to make GIF files or videos. I'm not even sure how to take screenshots in this game, but if someone can give me advice or do it for me after they download it, then that would be a great boon to this thread and any future ones I make. Disclaimer: I don't take requests and I do not plan on further modding these characters, but anyone else is more than welcome to make whatever tweaks to them they wish. That said, if there is something severely wrong with this download or if it's missing a necessary file, inform me here and I'll make the necessary revisions.

Magneto is among my favorites and I wanted to make him feel and play closer to the boss he was in X-Men Legends 1. My earliest attempt was to use the skeleton from the first game and it almost worked, however I ran into a problem with his ability to fly not functioning properly on that skeleton because the first game's Magneto lacked that power. Hilarious. So I attempted to emulate as much as I could by borrowing whatever XML2's skeleton had and reworking some movements to fit the aesthetic I was aiming for.

Credit for original booster that served as a foundation for my own goes to Razard.
Bonus download: nodoubt_jr's "In-Flight Powers" mod. I absolutely love this. Adds a new dynamic to all flying characters that we wouldn't officially see until Ultimate Alliance.

*To compensate for flying being too powerful, I tweaked all flying costs so you generally do need a few dots in it to fly around without it burning through your energy reserves. This doesn't stop flying's energy drain from being overpowered by a well leveled up character with tons dumped in Focus and Mutant Mastery, but it makes it take longer. To make this change yourself, you simply go to Data, open Shared_Talents and find where Flight is listed, then make whatever alterations to its cost you see fit. I'd recommend about 40 EP for the first dot.


Now here a dude deserving of a nice booster. Great work!

Thank you both. I updated the post to include credits to Maegawa for the bonus skins. Now I just need some new duds for Pyro and a custom made one for my take on Mastermind, then my whole cast for my own game will be well dressed for the Apocalypse.

If there's anything that isn't working correctly, let me know and I'll see if it was a design flaw or intentional, then get to fixing it if it's wrong.

Yeah, now that's just what i wanted. Thank you so much, Dream Weaver!

You're most welcome. Hope you enjoy it.

I'll be figuring out which character to upload next. I might focus on Brotherhood members first, perhaps Mystique. All the work is already done with the entire cast in my game, so it's just a matter of collecting the necessary files, uploading them and then making posts on the forum.

The only issue I foresee is that some characters in my mod have unique voice lines. I am loathe to try and separate those sound files, so simply uploading my own x_voice file is what I'd prefer to do, but I know some people have their own x_voice files and wouldn't want to overwrite them just for my mods. Perhaps just uploading my own x_voice file and leaving it as an option for others.

Has anyone come across any issues with the Magneto booster?

i dont know if it was intentional but i did notice that one of his knockback moves doesnt make them fall down

Quote from: Cohollow on July 16, 2019, 04:41PM
i dont know if it was intentional but i did notice that one of his knockback moves doesnt make them fall down

Power move or melee? The only melee moves that should make them fall down are Trip, Popup and Knockback.

That's a great release! Glad to see more XML2 modders!

Quote from: Cohollow on July 18, 2019, 03:39AM
i think it was repelling burst

Ah, yes! That was indeed intentional. The power causes a "slow" effect on enemies and it's only supposed to last for a few moments, however the way I accomplished this in the code and the way it works in-game meant that if a goon was knocked down, they could be stuck in the slow phase for longer than intended and I felt he was already powerful enough. I compromised and made it so they don't get knocked down, just flung back and slowed down, on top of taking damage too.

ah i c. ya slow effects are a bit of a pain because they slow the entirety of an animation even if it wears off. On a side note vanilla supremacy increases the points of a skill by different amounts than it says

Quote from: Cohollow on July 18, 2019, 06:49AM
ah i c. ya slow effects are a bit of a pain because they slow the entirety of an animation even if it wears off. On a side note vanilla supremacy increases the points of a skill by different amounts than it says

Really? It's a boost I seldom have ever used, so I didn't pay much attention to it. I knew some players liked it and I felt it had its place, so I left it unmodified to my recollection. How off is the vanilla version?

it adds 2 and 3 skill points a few levels sooner than stated leaving some useless at the end that add nothing

Quote from: Cohollow on July 18, 2019, 04:52PM
it adds 2 and 3 skill points a few levels sooner than stated leaving some useless at the end that add nothing

That bears examination. I can't remember if I patched that or not, though it should be a simple fix.