BaconWizard17's PS2 Skins (222 Skins)

Started by BaconWizard17, September 26, 2016, 07:58PM

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I'm not sure, but given the fact that XML2 can't, and MUA PS2 and XML2 use very similar engines, I doubt it

No problem,trying to get a hideable cyclops astonishing ski

Well everyone, I'm off to Europe for the next two weeks! After that, I'll be back and hopefully posting more

I'm back from Europe! We had a wonderful time seeing the sites in Prague, Vienna, and Venice. Now, I can get back to making skins.

On the subject of skins, I've decided that I'm going to re-do the way I post them (again). I'm now going to post separate X-Men Legends II versions and Ultimate Alliance versions (so that the correct character number is given). I'm also going to be including all "associated" files with the skin download. For Ultimate Alliance, this means including HUDs and mannequins (where possible), and for X-Men Legends II, this means including conversation HUDs, 3D HUDs, and character select portraits. I'm doing this so that players don't have to hunt around for each aspect of the skin's presentation.

Glad Europe was a good time my dude, excited to see what you continue to come up with for skins!

The Colossus Unarmored link has been fixed.

I've been hard at work making a bunch of new skins. Look for Beast (and then the rest of the original 5 X-Men) in the future

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With the new ability to create custom models that are compatible with XML1, XML2, and MUA, I'm no longer going to use this thread. I'll be posting everything in a common release thread in the new model release section here