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Thank You! This is super helpful, though fightsyle soldier seems to be missing on the imperial.

I'm in the works with making updates on him. He'll be given a few new moves and should be finished soon.

My Imperial soldier has been updated. Since I'd rather prefer not to have multiple entries of updates on him, the clicking the huge image below will direct you to my original post (now updated) about him.

New York North Side

Finally being able to give my Revolt Soldier some powers he deserved (A basic gun firing skill and grenade skill), it made it easier to set them up for his NPC counterpart. Imperial Soldiers will now appear patrolling the streets of New York's North Side, also where you face DeadPool. They are ready to engage in an assault at your heroes with their MP5 and hand grenades.
It will be just like battling GRSO Soldiers again!

Map Information: Some additional minor changes were made besides having Imperial Soldiers added to the map.
- Imperial Soldiers take over Master Sniper's positions. (data replaces over Master Snipers)
- Master Snipers take over Optic Crawler's positions. (data replaces over Optic Crawlers)
- Optic Crawlers no longer appear in this map.

Enemy Data:

Level: 38
Basic appearance: Imperial Soldier
Mutated leader name: Elite Infantry
Power 1: Rapid Fire
Power 2: Throws a Frag Grenade. Takes a little longer to explode than the playable counterpart's (Revolt Soldier's)
Basic Attacks: Uses Fightstyle Rifle in his powerset.
- Whacks enemies with the back of his gun and breach kicks.


Danger Room Mode

Want to play as him in Danger Room mode?

His Danger Room stats has also been updated!

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Beast - By Cohollow

Updated as of 10/3/2020

This is a port of Cohollow's Beast mod from the PC version with his necessary files, packaged into an .fb for him to be fully playable for Game Cube purposes. This post mainly contains previews on his skinset and other miscellaneous for him to work for the game. Selection of Beast's skins may differ from his PC mod, but his play style remains the same.

For more information about his powers and other things, be sure to check out the original mod on Cohollow's thread about Beast.

This character requires the X-Men Legends II - Version 2.0 Patch to be installed to avoid any missing texture effects for his powers.



Click on image to enlarge:



- Has power icons and character selection portrait included in his pack
- Does not have custom voices, therefore, will take the form as a Hologram Hero.
- Uses his default XML 1 sound effects for most of his powers (his ps_powerstyle has his sound directories modified so they can read them off his XML 1 file appropriately)
- Lacks the additional sounds for powers that were modded in his PC version's.

Future Updates:


- Inclusion of proper custom voice set and additional sound effects when it becomes possible to modify them.



Cohollow - Creator of the Beast Mod
BaconWizard17 - Making Beast's Skins, Power Icons, and Menu Portrait, as well as optimizing them for console usage.
Lags - Assembling necessary files into .fb packages, and setting place holder sounds to powers for Beast

And anyone else that assisted with the original mod that I forgot to include.

April 23, 2020, 01:57PM #67 Last Edit: October 03, 2020, 07:46PM by Lags

Made another update on his character with some more balancing and fixes. For the entire information, the clicking on image above will direct you to his earlier post, now updated once again.

XML 2 BGM Replacement Pack

Today's release is a small pack containing BGMs replaced in X-Men Legends 2 with those from X-Men Legends 1. Just simply download, place them into their proper locations and rebuild your iso. Note: If you wish to apply all of these songs into the game, download the X-Men Legends II: Version 2.0 which contains a ton of file arrangements that will allow you to install these custom music into the game.

Songs that were replaced:

Act 1:
Dead Zone Sections A & B ---> HAARP Exterior
Abyss Battle ---> HAARP Exterior

Act 3:
Core Section A ---> HAARP Interior
Core Section B ---> U.S.S. Arbiter Interior (Engine Room)
Infinite Section A & B ---> Nuclear Power Plant

Act 4:
Perimeter Section A ---> U.S.S. Arbiter Exterior
Perimeter Section B ---> U.S.S. Arbiter Interior (Flooded)
Sewers ---> Sewers (Gambit Rescue)
Holding Pens Section A & B ---> Sewers (Marrow Battle)
New York Ruins Sections A & B ---> Mount

Sounds aren't located in the assetsfb, but rather in the ISO's structure. If you don't have your ISO's structure extracted, please refer to this guide below on how to export your game's root, then you'll be able to replace the said file in the directory, before rebuilding your ISO.

Combat Agent

The elite soldier in his exoskeleton suit is ready to aid his fellow soldier buddy, and mutant allies against Apocalypse. This NPC is meant to be the playable counterpart of the GRSO Black Guard and Sinister Agent enemies from both X-Men games respectively. Most of his abilities reference his enemy counterpart's in some sort of manner, as well as being given a few unique moves and features to increase his potential to the team. He comes with a full set of powers: 7 offensive, 2 secondary (1 Buff and 1 Debuff), and 2 Xtremes, and has a total of 5 skins referencing the respective enemies

This character requires the X-Men Legends II - Version 2.0 Patch to be installed to avoid any missing texture effects for his powers.

Change log:


5/23/2021 - Lastest Update
- Now given a proper custom voice and sounds for powers
- Added a 7th offensive power: Sensor Trap
- Updated chain transitioning for animations on some powers to be played more smooth.
- New conversation HUDs for skins that needed them. They run on 128 X 128
- Stealth Planting has a slight increased in animation speed when performing the move. And a new animation is played when attaching up close to an enemy.
- Mutant Nullifier has been renamed to Flash Bang



- Due to the Sinister Agent not having much in his animation kit, he will lack a menu_action and menu_goodbye.

Click to enlarge the image.



Swift Blades
Throws 3 basic blades.

Gooey Grenade
A less-harming bomb, leaving a sticky substance on the ground and trapping enemies. Can also put out fires.
- Requirement Level: 7
- Can now throw more at higher levels.

Rapid Strikes
Delivers multiple punches with the last punch knocking the target down.
- Requirement Level: 14
- Requirement Skill: Gooey Grenade

Sharp Shurikens
Special projectile that targets enemies. Damages and also inflicts bleed on targets
- Requirement Level: 14
- Requirement Skill: Gooey Grenade
- Can throw more at higher levels.

Sensor Trap
Sets down a portable trap. When triggered, it releases a stunning wave of electricity.
- Requirement Level: 21
- Requirement Skill: Sharp Shurikens

Jet boosts to slide a small distance forward, knocking back enemies coming in contact.
- Requirement Level: 21
- Requirement Skill: Rapid Strikes

Stealth Planting
Jumps a distance forward and sneaks a bomb on an enemy. Can also attach upclose and on to objects.
- Requirement Level: 28
- Requirement Skill: Slipstream

BOMB FEST (Xtreme 1)
Leaps into the air and drops a handful of bombs, causing destruction. (Similar to DeadPool's Xtreme)
- Requirement Level: 15

SCAVENGER (Xtreme 2)
Increases potions and techbits dropped from fallen enemies and treasure chests.
- Requirement Level: 20

Cloaking Device (Boost)
Enters into stealth mode, hiding from enemy sight.
- Requirement Level: 1
- Now adds ATK and DEF bonus while the ability is active.

Flash Bang (Debuff)
A flash bomb use to weaken enemy defenses. (Inflicts Def Damage on enemies.)
- Requirement Level: 14
- Requirement Skill: Cloaking Device

Passive Skills:

Exoskeleton Upgrade
Increases chances to dodge melee attacks.

Experienced Soldier
Soldiers trained to maintain themselves in battle. Increases EP regeneration rate.
- Requirement Level: 7
- Functions just like Mutant Master. Basically to define him as a Human.

Resistant Uniform
Increase resistance to Elemental, Energy, and Radiation $DMG.
- Requirement Level: 14
- Requirement Skill: Experienced Soldier

Projectile Specialist
Adds damage and critical hit chance to all projectile attacks
- Requirement Level: 21
- Requirement Skill: Resistant Uniform

Preview of power demonstration.
Preview starts at 2:02 in the video.

Built-in Mechanics:

Double Jump
- Like Toad, his hero can perform a double jump ability, giving him an extra boost in the air to balance out with all other heroes.



- Raven Software: Original XML1/XML2 Assets

What's Left To Do:
- Buffs and fixes if any occur. Other than that, set new animations when it becomes possible to customize animation sets for XML 2.

- Feel free to make custom skins for this hero. I won't take any credit for your creativity but would enjoy playing as other member's custom skins for him!
- This hero is free to use as a base if you plan to make your own mod using his assets to start off from. Just make sure you don't keep too much of his default assets and make his play style is as different as possible. Also be sure to credit me if you plan on using him.

This is great! It's a shame to see that the devs really mailed it in on the advanced sentinel model though; they didn't even fix that the chin is weighted to the chest. It's a really great mod though! Will it come to PC?

Quote from: BaconWizard17 on May 14, 2020, 07:13PM
This is great! It's a shame to see that the devs really mailed it in on the advanced sentinel model though; they didn't even fix that the chin is weighted to the chest. It's a really great mod though! Will it come to PC?

Yeah, it's pretty unfortunate for the sentinel advanced. I also tried using his PS2 skin for slight better quality. Works fine in the character menu and base camps, but crashes when entering the combat zones. He may be bonus skin for now, but the actual npc might be my next NPC hero when I can think of a moveset for his small animation kit.

And for Combat Elite:

He definitely will in future updates! A goal of mine is to carry my heroes over to the PC's roster.

It's been a while since I updated. Time to release some things I previously finished and keep myself active on here.


Betraying Magneto and the Brotherhood, some members of his Acolytes have chosen to side with Apocalypse to follow his steps with having only the strong to survive. They replace over the the enemies that previously appeared in the specific sections of the factory, and operate the same as they do in X-Men Legends 1. You'll encounter most of them in the Fusion Core. Be careful not to rush into them all at once. As a group, these guys are a force to be reckoned with.

Enemy Information: (Fusion Core)

Name: Apocalypse Acolyte
Leader Name: Apocalypse Liegeman
Level: 27
Powers: Shock Blast (stuns targets), Shockwave (180 degree arc),
Misc: Energy Resistance

Name: Apocalypse Warrior
Leader Name: Apocalypse Champion
Level: 28
Powers: Heavy Punch, Ground Slam (AOE)
Misc: Physical Resistance, Knockback Resistance

Name: Apocalypse Adept
Leader Name: Apocalypse Proficient
Level: 29
Powers: Stun Blast (name specifies), Teleport Escape, Minion Revive
Misc: Mental Resistance

Enemy Information: (Assembly Factory)

Name: Apocalypse Bruiser
Leader Name: Apocalypse Champion
Level: 29
Powers: Heavy Punch, Ground Slam (AOE)
Misc: Physical Resistance, Knockback Resistance

Nuclear Lab Tech Enemies:

I previously released this map before but recently made some minor edits to it. Also adding it into the download pack. Minor information is they're enemies armed with an Mp5, re-using Nuclear Lab Tech models from the previous game. They borrow the power moves from the Mercenary enemies of this game. 

Enemy Information: (Engineering)

Name: Factory Guard
Leader Name: Factory Officer
Level: 26
Powers: Rapid Fire and Gun Whacks opponents
Misc: Equipped with an Mp5

Enemy Information: (Central Processing)

Name: Factory Expert Guard
Leader Name: Factory Officer
Level: 28
Powers: Rapid Fire and Gun Whacks opponents
Misc: Equipped with an Mp5

Bonus BGM

Included in the pack also contains the Nuclear Power Plant BGM from XML 1 that replaces the Infinite Factory's BGM.
Feel free to apply them into the sounds directory to give the area an X-Men Legends 1 feel.

Infinite Map Pack:

Playable Acolytes for Danger Room NPCs coming soon!