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Author Topic: Lags's Gamecube Works (5/14/2020): Combat Elite Soldier  (Read 101149 times)

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Re: Lags's Gamecube Exclusives (5/14/2020): Combat Elite Soldier
« Reply #75 on: May 14, 2020, 09:12pm »
This is great! It's a shame to see that the devs really mailed it in on the advanced sentinel model though; they didn't even fix that the chin is weighted to the chest. It's a really great mod though! Will it come to PC?

Yeah, it's pretty unfortunate for the sentinel advanced. I also tried using his PS2 skin for slight better quality. Works fine in the character menu and base camps, but crashes when entering the combat zones. He may be bonus skin for now, but the actual npc might be my next NPC hero when I can think of a moveset for his small animation kit.

And for Combat Elite:

He definitely will in future updates! A goal of mine is to carry my heroes over to the PC's roster.