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Started by thetommyboy2002, January 10, 2007, 06:37AM

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ok well since before you were able to select him in Elektra's place, that definitely was fine. it sounds like the files you extracted were not placed in the correct locations or they are non-valid formats.

Hm and can you somehow show me the correct locations? Just an example on how you made it (if you made it of course). It you help showing your steps to see what went wrong with mine. Can you do this (when you have he time of course)? Thanks. :D

Oh and I did replace Elektra but the only thing I accomplished was to have a blank empty espace in her place with the name Cyclops lol. Sorry for double posting.

Can I at this point suggest that you take your "how do I install a cyclops Mod" discussion to another thread, such as, (and this is just a crazy idea on my part), THE CYCLOPS THREAD!:
This thread is for the discussion of Herostat, and you are off topic. 
Thanks for your co-operation.

RE: tommy: actually, I'd kinda prefer ALL that kinda discussion (Cable/Cyc/etc) be moved to the 'Converted Chars Galore' thread, otherwise we'll be seeing about 20 threads dedicated to XML1/2 chars :P I had posted updated Cyc/Cable versions in that thread and abandoned their individual threads in hope of the discussions being moved there!

Thanks for the help guys. Oh and Tommy I did post my problem in "THE CYCLOPS THREAD" but nobofy said anything so I tried on my own and when I had doubt on herostat I saw this thread and tried to get info and Kfcrispy was helping me. But ok I see your point...off-topic.

i would suggest just having separate threads (maybe in its own HELP ME! subforum?) to troubleshoot each person. they would be far more organized and can get closed/deleted after they are done.

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Hi Guys!I'm new here,and I wanna say I love what Ur doing!Thanks for the skins and all,they work like a charm!One thing I need to ask is,how do I replace a character with the herostat?I can;t find how to do it....In XML2 I wanna use Frost U guys made,but I dunno how to edit the herostat...Help?Thanks

look for nba2kstuff's compiler / decompiler.

Quotestats {
   ailevel = 2 ;
   autospend = support_heavy ;
   body = 14 ;
   characteranims = 103_polaris_hero ;
   charactername = Polaris ;
   ignoreboundsscaling = true ;
   level = 1 ;
   mind = 24 ;
   moveset1 = moveset_flying ;
   name = Polaris ;
   playable = true ;
   power1 = power5 ;
   power2 = power2 ;
   power3 = power1 ;
   power4 = power9 ;
   powerstyle = ps_polaris_hero ;
   scriptlevel = 3 ;
   skin = 10301 ;
   skin_aoa = 02 ;
   skin_astonishing = 03 ;
   sounddir = polaris_m ;
   speed = 16 ;
   strength = 14 ;
   team = hero ;
   textureicon = 23 ;
      FlyEffect {
      bolt = Bip01 L Hand ;
      effect = char/polaris/ability_fly_hand ;

      FlyEffect {
      bolt = Bip01 R Hand ;
      effect = char/polaris/ability_fly_hand ;

      Race {
      name = Mutant ;

      Race {
      name = XMen ;

      talent {
      level = 1 ;
      name = pol_telekinesis ;

      talent {
      level = 1 ;
      name = fightstyle_hero ;

      talent {
      level = 1 ;
      name = pol_resist ;

      talent {
      name = flight ;

      talent {
      name = mutantmaster ;


ignoreboundsscaling = true

What the heck does that mean?  Magneto, Colossus, and Juggernaut have it defined in their herostat definitions...
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I think it deals with animations. I BELIEVE it defines it so that the game scales the animations to fit their scaling. Just a hunch, though.

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