Author Topic: 36 Roster Hack (v2.5) "The Holy Grail"  (Read 25284 times)

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Re: 36 Roster Hack (v2.0) "The Holy Grail"
« Reply #75 on: January 02, 2020, 03:00pm »
Everyone, the 36 Roster Hack has been updated to v2.0. This is a very important update. Why? Because it now coincides with the new 50 Roster Hack!!!

See, the one drawback that the 50R has is that you have to have all 50 spots filled for the game saves to work. But what if for a certain game, you don't want that many on your roster? Well, that's where the new 36R comes in. I'll show you how so that you have both and switch between 50R and 36R at any time!

The following information is not for newbies. Don't attempt if you don't know what you're doing.
The new 36R works just like the 50R -- it's essentially the same package. Same plugins, same dll file, etc. There's only one real difference -- the "team_back.xmlb" file.
So, for those of you who already have the 50R, all you have to do is...
(1) Download the new 36R, but don't install it (because they're practically the same as the 50R).
(2) Open the 36R's "ui/menus" folder and look for the "team_back.xmlb" file. Rename that file "team_back_36R.xmlb" and then copy it.
(3) Open your game's "ui/menus" folder and paste the file there.
(4) At the new 36R, copy the "Menu Locations.png" image and paste it elsewhere for your reference. This way you have the menulocation numbers for both hacks.

That's it. Now when you want to use the 36R instead of the 50R for a particular roster or game save, go to your game's "ui/menus" folder, and rename "team_back.xmlb" to "team_back_50R.xmlb," and rename "team_back_36R.xmlb" to "team_back.xmlb" (See what you did? You basically just switched the hack, and you can always switch back!) Just remember which one you are using when saving and loading games. Renaming the team_back file determines which hack you're using. Pretty cool, right?

And for those who use "Tony Stark's" OpenHeroselect program, don't worry. When he returns home from the holidays, he plans to update the program for both, as I have sent him the menulocation numbers.

You're welcome. :king:

OpenHeroSelect's been updated for both the new 36R hack and the new 50R hack, get it here:,10597.0.html

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Re: 36 Roster Hack (v2.5) "The Holy Grail"
« Reply #76 on: January 22, 2020, 08:32pm »
Everyone, the 36R has been updated to version 2.5. Spider-Man and Captain America's spots have switched, and the pre-made herostat has been made even simpler for newbies. Check it out.