Black Hand's releases - New Juggernaut effects

Started by BlackHand13, October 11, 2019, 07:13AM

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Hello everyone ! I have been playing quite a lot with Juggernaut recently, but I thought his powers didn't look like they should. As he is using the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, I made a little effects booster for him, making his powers red and changing a few other textures.

This booster was made for Outisder's original booster for the character (mine only changes effects), that you can get here:,8753.msg171553.html#msg171553

I also used Erik Lensherr's Atrocitus code for Juggernaut's new extreme, all credits go to him for that, you can get his mod here:,9312.msg183620.html#msg183620

How to use: Simply extract the effects folder inside the .rar file, and copy/paste it into your MUA folder. (make sure to have a backup just in case)

Get it here:



Juggernaut effetcs booster: Above

Wow!!! Really great!
Canino passed away in April 2022. He will be dearly missed by the community