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Started by Cohollow, July 18, 2019, 09:29PM

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:archangel:  Angel Character Mod  :archangel:

Angel is the only original X-Man to not be included in ether of the XML games, so let's fix that! This angelic hero has a large variety of powers that range from close to long range. With flight being an integral part of his play style, Angel is a unique and fun character for your roster. Let's show Apocalypse why so many people choose flight as their go-to dream power!

Be sure to add the file below to reduce the skill count of shared skills like mutant master and to add the striker passive that i will be adding to some characters!
Shared Talents:,10916.msg199255.html#msg199255



Feather Darts: Throws a volley of razor sharp feathers at the target.

Execution: Angels primary ranged attack is great for hitting those hard to reach enemies. The power matches that of any other ranged starting power. With an increasing chance to pierce, Feather Darts can come to be rather effective at hitting more than one target.

Aerial Dash: Charge against enemies, and objects, knocking them back. (press and hold)

Execution: Aerial Dash functions much like Iceman's ice slide with a much larger hit radius. Angels primary travel power closes the gap fast and can hit multiple enemies on contact. A huge help for Angels mobility on the field, this is a must have for any agile aerial warrior.

Quill Copter: Angel spins with outstretched wings, popping up surrounding enemies. Puts out fires.

Execution: The quick execution of Quill Copter is very effective at keeping away incoming mobs. This power does two strikes during execution, and affords a good opening for Angel to move out of harms way.

Blessed Blade: Swings Angels sword in an arc causing bleed damage.

Execution: Angels sword is great for hitting multiple close targets. The high bleed damage of this attack is well suited to taking down enemies with large health bars.Remember to use other powers between sword strikes as the bleed does not stack.

Toxic Plume: Stuns enemies in an arc with a sweep of toxic feathers. Homing feathers will also seek out additional targets. Puts out fires.

Execution: Toxic Plume is effective at both close and long range. By stunning enemies, this power leaves enemies defenseless and vulnerable to additional attacks. Easily Angels most versatile power, this is a tough one to pass up.

Dive Bomb: Angel flies up and crashes down on enemies doing knock back in a radius. Move with analog stick as normal.

Execution: While similar to toad, and colossus' leap powers, Aerial Blitz is far more controlled. The player can control the distance and orientation of this attack simply by guiding it the same way you would your character. Angel is also impervious to damage while in the air, making this a great power when on the defensive.


KILLER ANGEL: An Xtreme dive attack, that does physical damage in a large radius.

Execution: This is a unique Xtreme that hits enemies twice. He rains down sharp feathers on his enemies before knocking them back with a powerful ground slam.

TRANSFUSION: Restore full HP, and raises HP regeneration rate for the entire party.

Execution: When the going gets tough, the tough get buffed. A long lasting Xtreme that is perfectly suited for protecting the team against powerful attacks during long battles. Don't forget to use it if the enemies start to put on too much pressure.


Aerobatics: Chance to dodge all incoming attacks.

Execution: This boost will greatly increase Angels survivability. Combining it with the Acute Perception passive and a high Speed stat will make Angel nearly untouchable. Perfect for defense oriented builds.

Archangel: Genetic tampering increased Angels agility, and strength. Increases attack speed, attack rating, and critical hit chance on all attacks.

Execution: This buff is all about dishing out the damage with speed, and accuracy. Angel will be a very effective killing machine with the power of this buff on his side.


Regeneration: Heals over time.

Execution: A great way to save on health packs.

Wing Mastery: Increases damage, and critical hit chance with all feather, and flying attacks.

Execution: Just like all other masteries, Wing Mastery adds a helpful damage boost to Angel's powers.

Humming perception: Improved perception increases Angels chance to anticipate, and dodge incoming projectiles.

Execution: This will make it difficult for ranged enemies to take pot-shots at you.

Aerial Ace: Flying expertise gives Angel a natural increase to attack rating, and defense rating.

Execution: A useful way to avoid spending points on the speed stat if your looking to both dodge and land basic melee attacks.

Mutant Master: Increases EP regeneration rate.

Execution: Increase Angel's mutant master ability to keep those attacks coming, with greatly improved EP regeneration.

Flight: Grants Flight.

Execution: I hope you didn't think those wings were just for show.

Other Features

- Has a unique stun finisher
- Can't be hit while in the sky during KILLER ANGEL and Dive Bomb
- Starts with 3 points in Flight
- Any feedback would be wonderful, let me know if you have problems, questions, or ideas.


- Sounds -

be sure to check out tubularspacedude's great work here:,10887.msg198899.html#msg198899

- Skins -

be sure to check out BaconWizard17's great work here:,10201.msg188989.html#msg188989

- Icons -

be sure to check out BaconWizard17's great work here:,10201.msg188989.html#msg188989

- Original Mod Template -

be sure to check out MATT710's Angel mod here:,794.msg14436.html#msg14436

Big thanks to many community members for continued assistance and support!


Super stoked to see Angel actually have a great mod.

Hell ya homies, he's tonnes of fun! Glad everyone's as excited about him as I am.  :archangel:

September 03, 2020, 05:19AM #4 Last Edit: September 03, 2020, 05:33AM by Cohollow
:archangel:   Big Update   :archangel:

Angel has had a big update that fixes a lot of minor bugs, adds new features and content, and re-balances EP cost, damage, and power unlocks. There's a whole load more, look below for more details.

- New high quality icons
- New Skins
- New and improved effects
- New and Improved sounds and voice lines
- New and improved powers
- New combo names
- New stun finisher
- Fixed minor bugs and mislabeling/spelling
- EP cost and damage re-balanced
- Changed unlock levels and unlock order for powers
- Removed pointless and redundant files
- Reduced and refined coding and filing
- Fixed power short description names (radial, melee, charge, etc)
- A whole lot of little tweaks and changes to overall power execution and control

I strongly urge fans of the character to check out Bacon's dope skins he made for him! He currently has more than double what i was able to include and I did my best to have his skins match the default set-up for the existing characters. Bacon's sitting on a mound of gold in the shape our winged boy, so go get ur favorite skins!

Bacon's Angel Skins:,10629.msg199182.html#msg199182

I haven't gotten to play as him yet, but this looks like it'll be the definitive Angel mod! Great work!