Spacedude's Out Of This World Voicepacks!

Started by tubularspacedude, December 16, 2019, 06:41PM

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Greetings! This thread is the home of Tubular Spacedude's Out Of This World Voice Packs!

Gray Hulk (Hulk 2003)

Spider-Man (Rino Romano)

Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire)

Movie Goblin (Harry Osborn - Josh Keaton)

Obi-Wan Kenobi [The Clone Wars] (James Arnold Taylor)

Ben Kenobi [Rebels] (Stephen Stanton)

Samus Aran [Alternative Voice Pack] (Jennifer Hale)

Batman (TV's Adam West)

Batman (Christian Bale)

Lara Croft (Keeley Hawes)

XML1 Cyclops (Robin Atkin Downes)

Spider-Man (Symbiote - Christopher Daniel Barnes), Marvel Heroes

Batman Beyond (Will Friedle)

Wolverine (Hugh Jackman)

Marvel Girl - Rachel Summers/Grey (Trish - MVC 3)

Ant-Man: Scott Lang (Josh Keaton - MUA 3)

Magik (Marvel Heroes - Tara Strong)

Angel (Marvel Super War)

Cyclops (Scott Porter - Remix [ MH/MUA3/SW ] Credit to Nickjustint and Stickbro for the original Cyclops voice packs

Wolverine (MUA + XML2 Vanilla Sounds)

Hulk (MUA 2 - Fred Tatasicore)

Dazzler (Ashly Burch)

Venom (Steven Blum) MUA Gold - Official Voice

Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) Marvel Heroes (Josh Keaton)

Spider-Gwen - MUA 3

Daredevil - MUA 3 (Brian Bloom)

Robocop and Terminator - MK 11/T3

Magneto - Michael Fassbender (MUA)

The Flash - Barry Allen (Injustice 1)

Green Lantern - Hal Jordan (Infinite Crisis)

Undertaker Expanded Music Pack for Outsider's Undertaker Mod (NOTE: I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC IN THIS PACK, ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED TO THEIR OWNERS)

Johnny Cage (Linden Ashbey - MK 11/Mortal Kombat [1995])

Wolverine (Mark Hamil)
- Special Thanks to Enigma for ripping and sorting through the original Mark Hamil voice lines from X2: Wolverine's Revenge

Jean Grey (Jennifer Hale) - Spaceman + Hannah

Nolan Batman - Gotham Knight (Kevin Conroy)

Morgan Le Fay (Voice File) - Spaceman + Hannah

Superman (George Newbern - Multiversus)

Black Canary (Vanessa Marshall - Injustice 2) - Spaceman + Hannah

Tigra (Injustice 2 - Vixen) - Spaceman + Hannah

Gotham Knights - Nightwing and Batgirl voice pack bundle - Spaceman + Hannah

Spider-Man - Josh Keaton (Shattered Dimensions) - Spaceman + Hannah

Dr. Fate - Injustice 2 - Spaceman + Hannah

DC Voice and Booster Pack - Spaceman + Hannah (Bundling previous DC Voice Packs, plus six new packs - Batman (Multiversus) - Kevin Conroy
Wonder Woman (Multiversus) - Abby Trott
Harley Quinn (Multiversus/Injustice 2) - Tara Strong
Poison Ivy (Injustice 2/LEGO DC Super-Villains) - Tasia Valenza
Green Arrow (Injustice 2/Infinite Crisis) - Alan Tudyk
The Flash - Barry Allen (Injustice 2/MK vs DC) - Taliesin Jaffe

Gotham Knights Vol 2 - Red Hood and Robin (Tim Drake) - Spaceman + Hannah

Black Cat - Marvel's Spider-Man (Erica Lindbeck) - Spaceman + Hannah
More to come!

Spider-Man - Josh Keaton - Edge of Time - Spaceman + Hannah

Spider-Man 2099 - Christopher Daniel Barnes - Edge of Time - Spaceman + Hannah
Black Widow  - Laura Bailey - Various Games - Spaceman + Hannah

"Guess its time for the World to get acquainted with the All-New All-Improved Spider-Man!"

(See first post for new mod)

Hey, nice work!

Always good to see new modders here :)

I was really hoping for that particular Grey Hulk voice so I really appreciate it! Rino Romano's Spidey is nice and nostalgic, too :)

Quote from: TheMK on December 17, 2019, 09:08PM
Hey, nice work!

Always good to see new modders here :)

I was really hoping for that particular Grey Hulk voice so I really appreciate it! Rino Romano's Spidey is nice and nostalgic, too :)

Thanks man!

You and me both, these two voice packs had always been dream packs of mine.

"He dresses like a Spider and he looks like a Bug. We should all just give him one big hug. Look out HOO! Here comes the Spider-Man!"
(See first post for info)

"Hello there."

Presenting my first pack for 2020, the Obi-Wan Kenobi Sound Overhaul pack. This pack completely replaces Cabral's Obi-Wan's original voice files (sourced from movie clips and not in the best quality to be frank) with ripped sound files of James Arnold Taylor (The Clone Wars) as Obi-Wan Kenobi from various Star Wars Games! This will replace both Obi-Wan's V and M soundfiles. May the Force be with you!

I didn't even know there was an Obi Wan mod. Another character to fill the now 50 roster :D Thank you for making this, will be trying it out!

Updated the Obi-Wan voice pack to feature new NoWork, NoPower, CantGo and LevelUp Sounds taken from Episode III: The Game.

Be sure to check out RDH's Thread for the release of the Link Collab, featuring sounds by myself, Models by Baconwizard loading screen by Outsider, and of course, the character by RDH!,10751.msg197797.html#msg197797

Here comes my latest voice pack, Samus Aran! I was never happy with the v_zss file that came with the mod; it seemed too over the top/aggressive for the cold, withdrawn Bounty Hunter Samus is supposed to be. Therefore, using sounds from Metroid Prime and Jennifer Hale's Phoenix in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 I present an alternative voice pack!

"Holy Audio Engineering Batman!"

It's time to lighten up from all the brooding and intimidation; here comes TV's Original Caped Crusader!

Batman as played by the late, great Adam West is now available as a voice pack faster than you can Batusi!

Its the voice pack Marvelmods deserves, but doesn't need right now.

Christian Bale's iconic performance as Batman is now available in MUA!