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Started by Panaka_69, January 07, 2020, 09:47AM

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Hi Panaka! I just saw the preview of the N.Y disk mission and I noticed you had some very cool manequinns for doctor strange, spiderman and vision. I was wondering if you could tell me where to find those? I would really like to have them too! Thank u! BTW, I LOVE ur npc skins. SOOOO GOOD.

Hey man! I´m not sure where I found those mannequins, to be honest. Probably in UltraMegaMagnus´ thread.

July 07, 2021, 01:21AM #32 Last Edit: July 10, 2021, 09:00AM by Panaka_69
MCU Ant-Man, Gamora 2.0, Dr Strange 3.0 and Black Widow 2.0 in main thread.

V.2 Black Widow adds:
-New animations.
-No custom fightstyle file- It uses the 4_combat and that´s it. Much more stable.
-New air smash with her batons.
-New skin and hud: snow suit from Black Widow 2021 (Retexture from Aventureiromax´s Endgame skin)
-New MCU sound for Widow´s bite
-Improved sounds for jump, pain, lift etc with Scarjo´s voice.
-Flashbang grenade is now accesible through the left button in the power selection, along with the boosts.
-More tweaks here and there.

V.3 Dr Strange adds:
-New animations
-Fixed errors

V.2 Gamora adds:
-Fixed errors

New Hawkeye mod in main thread!

New Star-Lord and Loki boosters in main thread

New skin pack in main thread

Awesome skins! Great job!
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New Mantis character mod and updates for Ant-Man (Fixed icons), Falcon (shield power + new melee), Gamora (Includes skins and mannequin) and GotG booster pack in the main page.

Boosters for Cap and Thor in the main post. Also, a new Skin Pack.

So awesome all this mods you should really just release a mcu version and you would be able to located the files easy people would love that.  :P

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Hello Panaka.

I think there's a small bug with the passives of the Captain Carter mod.

When you add one point to her first passive 'Shield Mastery', it always shows (-100% damage), no matter what. So, powers like Shield Throw, Shield Uppercut, Sharp Edge and Charging Star, they always does the minimum damage (or no damage at all) once you purchase the first point of that passive. If you buy more points for it, you always get the same result (-100% damage).

Also, the 'Health Regen' passive is always set to 0% (no matter how much points you buy for it).

I tried to add a second skin, and I got the same problem: 'Shield Mastery' is always set to (-100%) once you purchase the first point. And the passive 'Damage Reflect' of that second skin i added, is always set to 0%, it doesn't matter how much points you buy for it.
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Hi! Thanks for the heads up, I´ll fix it when I have time.

Hellooo hope you're all doing well. I am having a problem with the NWH spidey booster. I used this mod on a previous installation and didn't have any problems with it. I've started from scratch with a fresh game installation, added the booster, booted the game and for some reason only 4 of the 6 skins are present. Also, the block seems bugged. The block abilities also don't seem to work. I can block but the block abilities don't trigger. The block effects aren't happening either? like the webbing shield doesn't appear.

The first time i used this mod I had no issues like this so idk what i did differently lol anyone have an idea?

For the skins: do you mean that only 4 skins are shown in the skin list, or that 6 are shown but only 4 work?
  • If it's the first option: does the booster come with its own herostat entry? Be sure that you're using that and not the default herostat entry. If you are using the booster's herostat entry, it may be missing the references to the other 2 skins
  • If it's the second option, then the other two skins may be missing or corrupted.

    As for the blocking issue, I think it's the same thing that I replied to you about in the XML1 air combos mod.

Its the first option, only 4 skins are being shown. The booster does use its own herostat entry which i have added via openheroselect. I've done the whole OHS process and most of the mod seems to work, its just those two issues.

If it's missing references,  how might i fix that?

Checked your other reply, i appreciate it! ill ask the discord