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Started by Panaka_69, January 07, 2020, 09:47AM

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Good catch with the orchestral version of the x-men theme, I´ll make a version For the boss fights of Arcade and Mephisto. Where do you want the Punisher one?

Thanks. And I thought using it with julios punisher simulator mission would be the best place for it.,8986.msg182653.html#msg182653

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New skins and models in the first post! Also, new icons for Gamora and Drax.

New skins in the main post!

Wow! Great skins! Excellent job!
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Quote from: Canino on June 05, 2020, 06:34AM
Wow! Great skins! Excellent job!

Thank you Canino!

New skins (and a bunch of mannequins) in the main page!

Skin Pack 4 released in main page of the thread.

New Spidey mini booster in the main page

I don't think you do request but I love the mcu voices you don't think just maybe you can make some for vision and scarlet?

Hey Edward! Maybe some day, but not anytime soon. I did make a Wanda one, but it´s probably kind of outdated (Voices from AoU and civil war). Maybe you can try learning how to do voicepacks? That´s how I started, with the tutorials avaible it´s very easy, I recommend you check them!

Update in the main thread, Okoye is here!

This is great dude. I'm glad i can finally see your work! :blackshake:
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This is great dude. I'm glad i can finally see your work! :blackshake:

Thanks man, glad you like it!

New Falcon Booster in the main thread.

Mini boosters for Iron man and GotG in main thread