ZSM Editor v2.3 -- source code

Started by Teancum, March 01, 2014, 08:35AM

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I contacted Winstrol via email. I asked for the source code since it might help us add new formats (Nintendo GameCube/Wii, PlayStation 2/3/Portable, and X360). I'm posting this here just in case anyone is interested in working on the source code right away. Here's Winstrol's reply to my email:


I still happen to have it, though that's pretty much old stuff.. so I can't help much. It's Pascal/Delphi 7 coded, and I don't have it installed anymore.. so I can't provide any third party component if needed (used by the source code). Anyway, i'm sending you everything I have in the way it is, untouched.

Hope it helps


I've started looking into the source code as well as formats. PS2/PS3/PSP all use PlayStation .vag audio. PS3 uses 22050khz, PSP 11025khz (lower quality), and the PS2 uses a mix of both. Encoder source (in C++) can be found here GameCube and Wii both use a DSP version of GC ADPCM .wav; the Wii uses 22050khz, and I assume GameCube uses 11025khz because the discs had so little storage. A program called Foobar2000 can be used to read the extracted files, and the source for VGMStream should contain the decoders/encoders necessary. Xbox 360 uses vanilla XMA. ToWav.exe can decode the xma files to .wav, and an XMA Encoder is here.

My thoughts on this would be that we require files to be in the correct format (similar to PC and original Xbox) before import, and exporting just exports the raw file (for example, Xbox 360 ZSS/ZSM files would produce XMA files). This keeps the source code simple and lets us focus on the ZSS/ZSM structure for each platform.

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Glad to hear. I'll might try it soon & it reminds me first time outside MUA game, i did Akira's 1 frame in VF5FS & DOA5U, which are actually hard at first then get over with.

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Can you reupload the source code? I'm just playing around with game formats and wanted to know the structure of zss/zsm files.

I don't have it any more unfortunately.

I emailed Winstrol. Hopefully he'll respond. I haven't talked to him in 10 years, and even if he still uses that email he might not still have the source code.