THE elusive Wolfsbane voice pack!!

Started by Jonnydragon88, March 24, 2020, 05:21AM

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Another day another mutant voice pack. And for the first time ever I made a whi... well you know (still haven't done a male yet tho). Give your game that X-Factor with a long awaited voice pack for Rahne Sinclair aka Wolfsbane :wbane:!

This is her if you don't have it already:,2144.msg40558.html#msg40558
Also there is a remix:,8753.msg163326.html#msg163326
(It's suggested that you only use the remix version, but If you want some of the content from the original like I did you can mix them, do this at your own risk)

36 sounds, yes I kept the wolf noises, same actress voice as the one who will play her in the New Mutants once if it ever comes out in our lifetimes. Kind of girly and fun sounding.

But , please please please please please please please please follow the instructions I provided! Otherwise you won't be hearing anything tonight.

Now I know it's not a Scottish accent, but I think you'll like it. Download it here:

Updates coming when the movie comes out, maybe even before. Some of her teammates voices coming soon(ish) too.

And last but not least, HAVE FUN!

Check out my Emporium🥳! (all my voice mods are here):,10845.msg198383.html#msg198383
And the Village🤪! (my voice workbench):,10636.msg196523.html#msg196523