Harder MUA update

Started by Nightcrawler171711, August 19, 2021, 10:39PM

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August 19, 2021, 10:39PM Last Edit: October 31, 2022, 09:57PM by Nightcrawler171711
(Outdated) will be starting a new thread with better modpacks that are seperate to make it better for people who only want parts of the mod. These mods also arent properly compatible with the latest ocp. My new thread will change that.

Ive put together a pack of mods that i personally think are an awesome combination if someone is looking to make mua really difficult.

I added
- The NPC jean booster by Whiteking to make her boss battles harder.
- The XML air attacks and flying attacks by Uvalley to add more combos to the game
- A mod that adds more enemies to the map by Zero
- A mod by Lucasfernandesbr to make enemies and bosses more powerful, have more health, remove the unique quality from items while adding more statistics to them, and new shared talents.
- Another mod by Lucasfernandesbr which fixes the equipment for 2 bosses in game (doom and krang) and adds more resistances and passives to bosses.

Removed stuff
I removed some stuff such as enemy skin replacements, new bosses, and new powers for bosses to avoid memory limits, to keep the old skins for people who want them, and to keep the old boss battles. I also removed npc jeans conversation from her booster to avoid compatibility issues.

Credits for the entire mod
- Lucasfernandesbr
- Zero
- Uvalley
- Whiteking

Download it here:

Make sure to backup your files as im not taking responsibility if something goes wrong.

Here are 6 files for the data folder youll need if you have the ocp 2.4.







If you have ocp 2.3 you dont need this.

Wow! That's really nice. Great job man!
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