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The Omega Mods Character Catalog

This is going to be a series of boosters for every character in MUA officially. All 36 characters will receive power adjustments, improvements, and potentially new animations or powers to give a more unique feel to each character. The mods will be balanced for my gameplay mod but that will come at a later point.

Each project will include many notes and changes for the booster showcased in the video that I will do for each character. For the full notes, that will be in a readme in the download and here on the forum.

Credits to Ak2yny, Bloodymares, Canino, Iammingy, Rdh94, Sbarth13, Norrin Radd, and Maegwa for various things.
Huge credits to UltraMegaMagnus for converting these new animations over to MUA and giving me permission to use them.

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 :capbrit: Captain britain (sbarth13) mini booster

Gives him an idle which he never had. Just place it in the actors folder and he should stand normally now.

Credits to Sbarth13 for the original mod

Longshot mini booster: fixes a compatibility issue with moonknight.

Credits to Maegwa for telling me how to fix it.
Credits to Norrin Radd for the original mod

I highly recommend installing ceamonks animation mix for older mods as it remixes sbarth13s captain britain mod and norrin radds longshot mod so theyll be less likely to cause memory limts,11054.msg201201.html#msg201201

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Sabretooth (The Ravager Booster):

Sabretooth Update 1 (The Ravager Booster 2.0):
2.0 Notes are on the bottom.
Download this and put it in it's respective folder to get the change.


- New ability "Savage Spin" For his new popup attack, Sabretooth spins in place tearing at his enemy finishing with an uppercut.
- Now has critical strike.
- Look at the talents list to see "Savage Spin."
- New animations for his first 2 melee attacks, jump, double jump, and jump smash. The new melees are meant to distinguish Sabretooth more from Wolverine.
- Both his special attack and 3rd melee attack are now multi-hit attacks to visually match with the animations.
- Fixed his grabsmash damage.
- I've adjusted his skins so his claws stick out during the animations.
- New resurrect and levelup animations.
- "Sabretooth Slash" Increased damage and knockback.
- "Pounce" Added knockback feature as seen on "lethal lunge". If you miss it still deals damage afterward just like "lethal lunge." Also increased damage.
- "Talon Concussion" Received a fix while having increased damage and knockback.
- "Disembowel" Increased damage.
- "Talon Frenzy" altered priority level so enemies cant knock him down so easily. Increased damage and turnrate for better control.
- "Roar" Changed timing so the fear affect takes place during his actual scream and increased fear duration.
- "Berserker Rage" Increased duration
- "Savage Rampage" Added damage mods to each Xtreme melee attack to match how they would normally affect enemies, increased damage, added a trip mod to the end of the Xtreme, and reused his old popup animation on one of his Xtreme attacks.
- Uses his original 360 mannequin.
- Changed the costume order as his Modern costume will now be his default like the mannequin.
- Changed one passive to "Health Regen" on his Modern costume for balance with Wolverine.
- New herostat for skin order changes and adjusted autospend.
Credits go to UltraMegaMagnus for these animations and Ak2yny, Bloodymares, and Maegwa for coding help.

2.0 Notes:
- I adjusted the jump smash damage for balance.
- "Sabretooth Slash" Added chance to deal massive damage, forces pain animation, now it hits enemies on the ground.
- "Pounce" No longer throws enemies far away from him or moves while in the pounce animation, now has an index for every claw attack making it more realistic, it will hit enemies on the ground and standing up if it misses from now on. Enemies get up slowly being described as disoriented in the power description.
- "Talon Concussion" Now forces the pain animation and hits enemies on the ground.
- "Talon Frenzy" Decreased damage but added 4th index since it was 4 attacks in the animation not 3, increased arc on each index making it easier to hit enemies.
"Disembowel" Increased arc on each index for easier use.

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Blade (The Hunter Booster):
Quick note I forgot to add but "Slayer Slash" has an increased arc and I added canino's improved skins which I typed wrong in the readme.

Quick Update to "Shotgun Strafe" thanks to input from my brother, I slightly increased the damage and increased the chance for knockdowns to 50%. Download these and put them in their respective folders to get the changes.

With booster-
Without booster to see differences-

Ive given blade full treatment to be the best version of himself. Nearly all aspects of him have been tweaked for improved gameplay and he has received all of his official content ranging from cut content, to prototype content, to mua2 ps2 content.
Original boosters from Iammingy and Epicandragon94 adding their changes from them.

Here are all the changes
- New ability (initially cut) "Vampire Bite" Use Blade's grab smash to steal health and energy from his enemies.
- Melee attacks now have better arcs for reaching opponents.
- The ground attack has received increased playspeed (to minimize risk of use)
- He now has unique resurrect and level up animations.
- His shotgun based special attacks have increased range for the ground and in front of him, they also include shotgun sounds and effects.
- He now has his prototype jump smash.
- Now adds caninos improved skins.
- Now adds maegawas fixed hud for the Daywalker costume.
- Now has a healing factor and critical strike.
- "Slayer Slash" increased speed (to minimize risk of use) and damage, added knockback (also to minimize risk of use) and put the 'slayer' in it by adding a chance of instant ko. Now it hits enemies on the ground and forces the pain animation (yet again to minimize risk of use). Lastly increased arc to hit multiple enemies with it.
- "Gun Blast" it said it did 4 shots but didnt hit for all 4 so i fixed that by adding an index for the other 3 shots. Now it knocks down enemies and i decreased the critical chance from 50% to 25% because he deals 4 shots with that chance now rather than 1 shot. Adjusted damage for the 4 shot change but ends up as more than what it did before.
- "Glaive Strike" initially this power lost its impact sound and effect due to the newly added ricochet feature in epics/iammingys boosters but now I added them back. Now it has a chance to deal massive damage to enemies and I increased the normal damage.
- "Circle of Death" increased damage, now it knocks enemies down, increased play speed (once again to minimize risk of usage).
- "Spike of Destruction" dramatically decreased damage for balance but added damage to the bomb so it actually deals part of the damage now and increased explosion radius.
- New power "Shotgun Strafe" coming from the boosters of iammingy and epic which they ported from mua2 ps2, now it deals much less damage to make it reasonable and has balanced energy spending. Added the ammo drop effect from the special attack which was initially lost in iammingys/epics booster for the shotgun special attack, ground attack, and this power.
- "Blood of the Warrior" increased damage taken but also increased speed, striking, and attack speed.
- "Flash Bomb" increased duration of stun and deals 5 damage instead of 1.
- "Blood Haze" altered it to match how it would've originally worked based off the code. The damage is now dealt as 2 attacks per second over 15 seconds as radiation damage adding up to a normal xtreme with increased damage (already tested on bosses and it works), the radius has been increased to reach enemies with the end of the effect visually and to stop a 1 damage per attack glitch.
Credits go to Bloodymares, ak2yny, Maegawa, Canino, Rdh94 and Iammingy (including people these two may have credited too).

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Not yet released


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Not yet finished


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The Thing:
Not yet finished


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Mr. Fantastic:
Not yet finished


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Human Torch:
Not yet finished


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Invisible Woman:
Not yet finished


Not yet finished