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Started by spidermatt, October 06, 2023, 10:07AM

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October 06, 2023, 10:07AM Last Edit: February 22, 2024, 06:59AM by spidermatt
Hello everyone. I am called SpiderMatt and I am going to show you mods that I created. Let's get started.

So here is my bonus mod collection that contains Loading Screens, Hud Heads, and Idle Animations. Now here are the images I got it from in order to make them as mods.

Images I got from Enigma's XML2 Bonus Official Loading Screens

Loading Screens:

Custom Hela
:wolverine: XML 70's Wolverine
XML Acolytes
:avalanche: :pyro: XML Avalanche & Pyro
:colossus: XML Colossus Alternate
:cyclops: :wolverine: XML Cyclops & Wolverine Promo Art
:avalanche: XML Dark Avalanche
:blob: XML Dark Blob
:juggernaut: XML Dark Juggernaut
:magneto: XML Dark Magneto
:mystique: XML Dark Mystique
:pyro: XML Dark Pyro
:havok: XML Havok
:iceman: XML Iceman
:mystique: XML Mystique
XML New York X-Jet
:nightcrawler: XML Nightcrawler
XML Nuclear Plant
XML Olympus Alternate
XML Olympus
XML Promo Art
:rogue: :storm: XML Rogue & Storm Promo Art
:rogue: XML Rogue
XML Sentinel Advanced
XML Sentinel Alpha
XML Sentinel Battle Promo Art
XML Sentinel Platform
:storm: XML Storm
:phoenix: XML Sun Goddess
:toad: XML Toad
:wolverine: XML Ultimate Predator
:wolverine: XML Weapon X
:wolverine: XML Wolverine in the Sewers
:wolverine: XML Wolverine
XML X-Jet Hangar
XML X-Mansion Alternate
XML X-Mansion Ground Floor
XML2 Age of Apocalypse Mission
:apocalypse: XML2 Apocalypse Alternate
:apocalypse: XML2 Apocalypse
XML2 Apocalypse's Tower Alternate
XML2 Apocalypse's Tower
:wolverine: XML2 Astonishing Wolverine
XML2 Avalon
XML2 Bastion Alternate
XML2 Bastion
:bishop: XML2 Bishop Alternate
XML2 Dark Phoenix Mission
XML2 Dead Zone
XML2 Egypt
XML2 Fallout Mission
XML2 Fatal Attractions Mission
XML2 Garokk
XML2 Genosha
XML2 Holding Pens
:iceman: XML2 Iceman
XML2 Infinite Factory
XML2 Insect Tunnels
:stark: XML2 Iron Man
XML2 Legal Background
XML2 Living Monolith
XML2 Madri Temple
:magneto: :wolverine: XML2 Magneto & Wolverine Promo Art Alternate
:magneto: :wolverine: XML2 Magneto & Wolverine Promo Art
:magneto: XML2 Magneto
XML2 Magneto's Return Mission
XML2 Military Outpost Prison
XML2 Mutant Massacre Mission
XML2 New York Alternate
XML2 New York
XML2 Nuwali Temple
:omega: XML2 Omega Red
XML2 Online
XML2 Perimeter Platforms
XML2 Power Core
XML2 Promo Art
XML2 Rescue Lilandra Mission
XML2 Sanctuary Alternate
XML2 Sanctuary
XML2 Savage Land
XML2 Sewers
:storm: :bishop: XML2 Storm & Bishop Promo Art
:storm: XML2 Storm
XML2 Sugar Man
XML2 Weapon X Facility
:wolverine: XML2 Wolverine
XML2 X-Cutioner's Song Mission
XML2 X-Jet
XML2 X-Jet
XML2 X-Mansion Alternate
XML2 X-Mansion
XML2 Zealot

Hud Heads:

:juggernaut: Juggernaut (Astral Gladiator)
:magneto: Magneto (Astral Gladiator)
:wolverine: Wolverine (Astral Gladiator)

Images I made in Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Photshop

Loading Screens:

:cable: Custom Cable Comic Cover
:cball: Custom Cannonball Comic Cover
:capbrit: Custom Captain Britain Comic Cover
:darkphx: Custom Dark Phoenix Comic Cover
Custom Howard the Duck Comic Cover
:ifist: Custom Iron Fist Comic Cover
:longshot: Custom Longshot Comic Cover
:xavier: Custom Professor X Comic Cover
:pyro: Custom Pyro Comic Cover
Custom Songbird Comic Cover
Custom Time Warp - inspired by the Time Warp mission from The Outsider's EXG Mod
:xman: Custom X-Man Comic Cover
:panther: MUA Black Panther Unused Comic Cover
:blade: MUA Blade Unused Comic Cover
:daredevil: MUA Daredevil Preorder Comic Cover
:daredevil: MUA Daredevil Unused Comic Cover
:elektra: MUA Elektra Unused Comic Cover
:ghostr: MUA Ghost Rider Promo Art Comic Cover - Cover was taken from Enigma's Comic Covers for Everyone Mod
:humant: MUA Human Torch Unused Comic Cover
:fantastic: MUA Mister Fantastic Unused Comic Cover Alternate
:fantastic: MUA Mister Fantastic Unused Comic Cover
:namor: MUA Namor Unused Comic Cover
:nightcrawler: MUA Nightcrawler Unused Comic Cover
:spiderman: MUA Spider-Man Unused Comic Cover
:thor: MUA Thor Unused Comic Cover
:angel_hero: XML Angel Comic Cover
:beast: XML Beast Comic Cover
:emmafrost: XML Emma Frost Comic Cover
:jubilee: XML Jubilee Comic Cover
:magma: XML Magma Comic Cover
:psylocke: XML Psylocke Comic Cover
:banshee: XML2 Banshee Comic Cover
:bishop: XML2 Bishop Comic Cover
:gambit: XML2 Gambit Comic Cover
:phoenix: XML2 Jean Grey Comic Cover
:juggernaut: XML2 Juggernaut Comic Cover
:magik: XML2 Magik Comic Cover
:magneto: XML2 Magneto Comic Cover
:nightcrawler: XML2 Nightcrawler Comic Cover
:rogue: XML2 Rogue Comic Cover
:scarletw: XML2 Scarlet Witch Comic Cover
:sunfire: XML2 Sunfire Comic Cover
:toad: XML2 Toad Comic Cover

Hud Heads:

Astral Ghost - originally Dark Mystique from Enigma's XML2 Bonus Official Loading Screens
:panther: Black Panther (Ultimate)
:humant: Human Torch (New Marvel)
:iceman: Iceman (90's) - Taken from Enigma's Iceman Booster Mod
:stark: Iron Man (Original)
:juggernaut: Juggernaut (Ultimate)
:moonk: Moon Knight (Secret Avengers)
:namor: Namor (Age of X)
:namor: Namor (Classic)
:namor: Namor (Modern)
:namor: Namor (X-Men)
:stooth: Sabretooth (Modern) - Taken from Enigma's Sabretooth Booster Mod
:warbird: Sharon Ventura (90's)
:thing: Thing (Marvel Nemesis)
:toad: Toad (Classic)
:toad: Toad (Modern)

Images I got from Google and screenshot on YouTube

Loading Screens:

:namor: Custom Namor
MUA Fin Fang Foom Alternate
MUA Humanity and Skrull Coexistence

Hud Heads:

Acolye Adept Elite
Astral Fiend
:bishop: Bishop (Child)
Civilian Mutant
:cyclops: Cyclops (Classic XML1)
:cyclops: Cyclops (Original XML1)
GRSO Soldier
:iceman: Iceman (Original XML1)
:iceman: Iceman (Ultimate XML1)
:phoenix: Jean Grey (Phoenix)
:phoenix: Jean Grey (Ultimate XML1)
Lab Tech (Nuclear Plant)
Lab Tech (Sentinel Factory)
:magma: Magma (Age of Apocalypse) - timothylaskey's art
:marrow: Marrow
Morlock (Female)
Morlock (Male)
Morlock Healer
:madrox: Multiple Man
:nightcrawler: Nightcrawler (Classic XML1)
:xavier: Professor X (Astral Plane)
:pyro: Pyro (Astral Gladiator)
:ronin: Ronin (Post-Civil War)
:ronin: Ronin (She-Daredevil)
Shadow King
:cuckoo: Stepford Cuckoo
USS Arbiter Crewmate
:ghostr: Zarathos

Images I got from Enigma's MUA1 Bonus Official Loading Screens

Loading Screens:

:elektra: MUA Elektra Promo Art
:silvers: MUA Silver Surfer Promo Art
:spiderman: MUA Spider-Man Promo Art
MUA Stark Tower
:nightcrawler: MUA Website Nightcrawler
:wolverine: MUA Wolverine Promo Art

Images I got from The Sprites Resources

Loading Screens:

XML Astral Plane Colosseum
XML Beast's Lab
XML HAARP Facility
XML Ice Tunnels
XML Sentinel Endgame
XML X-Mansion Dormitories
XML X-Mansion Estate Grounds

Images I got from other stuff

Loading Screens:

:mystique: XML2 Mystique - Taken from Enigma's Mystique Mod

Hud Heads:

:panther: Black Panther (T'Chaka)
:wolverine: Dark Wolverine (Ultimate) - Based on DamesMaximoff's Dark Wolverine skin mod

Idle Animations

Astral Ghost's Idle Animation is related to  :mystique: Mystique's.
Arcade Android's Idle Animation is related to the Danger Room Robot
:beast: Beast's Idle Animation is related to the one from XML2
:cball: Cannonball's Idle Animation is related to Enigma's XML2 mod (Note: Couldn't find his XML2 PSP counterpart)
:xman: X-Man's Idle Animation is related to  :phoenix: Jean Grey's (Note: Couldn't find his XML2 PSP counterpart)


Credit goes to Marvel Comics, Raven Software, timothylaskey, and Enigma

Hey SpiderMatt! The Google drive link isn't open to the public and each person would need to request access to it

Quote from: zmikey08z on October 06, 2023, 01:00PM
Hey SpiderMatt! The Google drive link isn't open to the public and each person would need to request access to it

I think I fixed it. Try it now.

Why are you linking to your email address? That's not where your files are hosted.

October 10, 2023, 06:03PM #4 Last Edit: October 10, 2023, 06:28PM by spidermatt
Quote from: Ceamonks890 on October 10, 2023, 04:05PM
Why are you linking to your email address? That's not where your files are hosted.

It's all fixed now! Both collections have merged into one.

The mod has been updated to version 2 with new Loading Screens and Hud Heads. It also includes Idle Animations.

The mod has been updated to version 3 with new Hud Heads. Even the Arcade Android has a new Idle Animation.