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Author Topic: 2020 Character voice / x_voice update  (Read 3757 times)

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2020 Character voice / x_voice update
« on: May 29, 2020, 08:25pm »

This is a new x_voice update. It's still in the works, as there are will be updates to the character callouts and menu breaks. Specifically, upcoming updates will add callouts for DC characters. This temporary update removes all default characters' voices from x_voice and puts them into their own packages, which makes x_voice smaller and easier to handle, as well as allowing the creation of custom voicepacks for default characters (which was previously impossible, since they'd clash with the voices contained within x_voice). Some things were taken from nodoubtjr's previous x_voice update.
As always, make sure to back up your files before changing anything.
Here's a list of stuff that was removed and added:

-Voices of all default characters have been removed and put into their own voice pack. In order for character voices to work, you need to remove the following files:
-Menu Call outs by Professor X for: Magma, Jubilee, Emma Frost, Angel, Beast, Psylocke taken from XML1
-Menu Call Outs by Danger Room computer for: Marrow, Avalanche, Multiple Man
-New Menu Callouts by Professor X: Blob, Mystique, Havok, Polaris, Marvel Girl, Lady Death Strike (must be LadyDeathStrike_hero), Quicksilver,
Apocalypse (must be Apocalypse_hero), Forge, Heather Hudson (must be Vindicator), James McDonald Hudson (must be Guardian),
Mr. Sinister (must be MrSinister_hero) (all these thanks to matt710), and Shadow King (thanks to Norrin Radd)
-Menu Call outs by Nick Fury from MUA for: Black Panther, Black Widow, Blade, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Daredevil, Dr Strange, Elektra, Ghostrider, Hawkeye,
Hulk, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Luke Cage, Moonknight, Mr. Fantastic, Nick Fury, Ronin, Silver Surfer, Spiderman, Spiderwoman, Thing, Thor, Ms Marvel (Warbird),
Dr Doom (Doomdlc), Venom
-Menu Breaks/Goodbye for the XML1 playables
-Menu Breaks/Goodbye for the MUA playables
-New Team Bonus Callouts from MUA:
-----Air Force (team_bonus_af)
-----Agents of SHIELD (team_bonus_ags)
-----Alternate Identities (team_bonus_ai)
-----Assassins (team_bonus_as)
-----Avengers (team_bonus_av)
-----Bad to the Bone (team_bonus_btb)
-----Classic Avengers (team_bonus_cav)
-----Defenders (team_bonus_def)
-----Flashback (team_bonus_fb)
-----Fantastic Four (team_bonus_ff4)
-----Martial Artist (team_bonus_ma)
-----Marvel Knights (team_bonus_mk)
-----Marvel Royalty (team_bonus_mr)
-----New Fantastic Four (team_bonus_nff)
-----Natural Leaders (team_bonus_nl)
-----Power Platoon (team_bonus_pp)
-----Raven Ultimates (team_bonus_ru)
-----Scorchers (team_bonus_sco)
-----Supernatural (team_bonus_sn)
-----Think Tanks (team_bonus_tt)
-----Weapon Specialists (team_bonus_ws)
-----X-Men (team_bonus_xm)
-----Archrivals (team_bonus_ar)
-----The Freaks (team_bonus_fr)
-----Met His Maker (team_bonus_mhm)
-----Rogue's Gallery (team_bonus_rg)
-----Friendly Rivalry (team_bonus_riv)
-----Secret Defenders (team_bonus_sd)
-----Shaba Ultimates (team_bonus_shb)
-----West Coast Avengers (team_bonus_wca)

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4pl3spe7on41xdy/Sounds.zip/file

Please report any bugs!
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Re: 2020 Character voice / x_voice update
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2020, 01:59am »
Now that's what i'm talking about! Way to go, Hemlot! /clap