X-MEN Legends (gamecube)HD characters Reworked and filtered with Topaz Gigapixel

Started by dreadfield, June 21, 2020, 05:45PM

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As i said before in my presentation, i will share the textures i did for x-men legends 1 for gamecube or better said this work with the dolphin emulator that runs this game perfectly
the pack of textures must be on this section

C:\Users\name\OneDrive\Documentos\Dolphin Emulator\Load\Textures\GXLE52
This PC/documents/Dolphin Emulator/Load/Textures.

new link below

to load the textures into the game you have to go the dolphin emulator
select Graphic COnfigurator

under Utility list select
load Custom Textures.

thats it
enjoy HD
and tell me what you think.

i will upload a new pack, that has, almost for now, all the levels of the game upscaled with topaz gigapixel and this include , the hidden textures, once you finish the game once, all characters skins were extracted from x-men legends 2 and were retouched and improved, we can see the characters faces more clearer, in this mod, soon i will upload a video on YouTube , so you can see the textures,
Remember this is an HD texture pack up scaled with gigapixel and painted by me, and only works with dolphin emulator using the load custom texture presets, i will keep updating progress
also if you wanna check my channel of YouTube, with some videos of gameplay,  some really old games, and a dreamcast emulator runing with injected reshade to upgarde the graphics.
I will soon upload a demonstration gameplay of x-men legends dolphin emulator with hd custom skins and the effects of reshade that color correct the game ading more bloom and better darks!


i uploaded three videos with x-men legends 1 runing of dolphin version with a complete retexture of characters and scenarios and with a reshade presets that improve color contrast and bloom
if many people ask to share the hd texture pack i will do it.