X-MEN Legends 1 IA HD retexture and custom textures video

Started by dreadfield, August 31, 2020, 01:36PM

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thanks for your feedback! its much apreciated  i am doing some fixed costume on magneto costume on x-men legends 2 making very faithfull with his real purple outfit and moving the fixes to the higher poly versions on XML 2 for now the x-men legends 1 is almost done, some custom textures replace the mainones, so if you guys want the pack please share and subsribe so more people know about the upsacled project, i will share the pack if many people spread the news, some characters like magma and emma frost need more work but , i let those cases for another moment the mainones are reworked as you see, and all the game too aside from characters too, if someone knows how convert my textures to real game i will share them, once i got many likes and susbs, i will post a video soon showing some of the upscaled background and custom textures on XML2,  :apocalypse: