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Started by brandonmeek, June 25, 2020, 06:23PM

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June 25, 2020, 06:23PM Last Edit: June 25, 2020, 07:09PM by brandonmeek
Regarding modding, great way to learn :).....I used xml2 maps for an arena once. ...I ported from helicarrier to the badlands..i think thats what it's called...or forgotten. ..had golden statues of heroes in stark tower that when you activated them they would play the callout....

Ok, so I thought of this thread as I thought of all the ways i can tell you how I've modded my game, broke my game, rebuilt game, broke it again....I thought of this. yes i will start, but....What crazy things happened when you were "practicing" modding?

Here's a good one.
When I first started learning how to edit the scripts to open up different maps, I had the bright idea of trying to get some of the xml2 and 1 maps into my game....OK, spoiler, you should not do this.
I couldn't quite figure out which files i needed for which coppied ALL of the folders in xml2 directory, to my mua directory, and changed a couple of the scripts to point to that map name, and whalla....
Didn't last long, as you all know, when modding the maps, you ruin soooooooo many projects.

But, it did teach me some stuff, and was well worth the risk.
What sorts of strange things did you do with what interesting results?