Compatibility problems

Started by JETORONE, July 14, 2020, 05:13AM

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Hello to all Marvel fans! I dont know if i'm in the right place to post this, but I have to ask... I'm the only one that cant play any old Marvel game in Windows 10? I mean, in 7 and 8 i could play MUA XML2, X3, Ultimate Spiderman, etc... But now i cant play anything, does anyone have the solution?

You're gonna have to look for a cracked no-CD .exe file for each of these old games to play them on Windows 10.
I'm a modder from Brazil. Check out my mods! Here's a safe noCD crack for MUA, that much of the community uses for modding the game.

In regards to the other affected titles, you're gonna have to track down cracks for 'em yourself as Enchlore suggested or just emulate the console versions.

Thank you! Your answers are very helpful, I will try your solutions :bowdown: