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Author Topic: ZuluViking's Crap - UPDATE 2.0 - Hulkbuster booster, Hulk power, & FF Skins  (Read 4684 times)

Offline milo

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after long time being inactive from this site and come today, i am surprised. finally someone really take care of NPCs. keep great work mate i have dream that all NPCs and enemies are fully remodelled.
-this site and all modders here help me too much. thanks a lot to keep MUA game alive-

Offline ZuluViking
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It's come to my attention that some have experienced a problem with the left-arm not reappearing in my Hulkbuster booster. I have therefore updated the Hulkbuster powerstyle-file with a backup solution in case the arm doesn't reappear when the projectile returns. I have also fixed a slight problem with the skin-switching buff (Hulkbuster included) that occured when switching from one skin buff to another. The former skin attributes would apply to the new skin (like switching from Hulkbuster to Suitcase would make the Suitcase keep all the Hulkbuster attributes including size animations and sound effects), and this would also change the default skin for some reason. So I added code so that you can change skins freely without attributes stacking.